Brooklyn Heights Rings in the Holidays

Small businesses in Brooklyn Heights are ringing in the holiday season with creative gift specials that are sure to please your loved ones. While large chain stores may offer discounts on mass-marketed items, some of the top seasonal specialties are available just around the corner, many of which are hand-crafted by locals.

Brooklyn-themed gifts at Overtures
Overtures, located at 216 Hicks Street just off Montague Street features a variety of interesting tchotchkies, and for the holidays owners Michael Davidson and Jerry Morin are ecstatically displaying Brooklyn-themed gifts. These include a colorful hand-made woven pillow ($135), a tea towel ($19.95) and glass mug ($12). The set was special made for the borough by a small company which typically manufactures state-themed pillows, Michael said.

For the last ten years, local artist and Brooklyn Heights resident Ann Gaffney has been creating a calendar with pictures and stories, called “Around Brooklyn Heights.” This limited item just arrived in the store, and Michael said residents flock to buy it. Another eye-catcher which comes just in time for the holidays is a small line of “Eau de Brooklyn” products, made and produced in Brooklyn. The scent is earthy with a hint of flowery sweetness, and it comes in a small tin of two soaps for $21, or a bottle of cologne for $28.95.
Local artists Drew and Amy Burchenal created a small book of photos and poetry devoted entirely to the Brooklyn Bridge, called “Ode,” which sells for only $12. There is also a Brooklyn Bridge pillow made by the Baraloga Company, which is being sold for $79.

Also in the store is a small series of necklaces with miniature street and subway maps of various areas in Brooklyn, including a map of Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill. Each necklace is one-of-a-kind, and carefully designed by Chicago artist Susan Rosengard, selling for $38.

Scents and sales at Korres
Korres Natural Products Store, located at 140 Montague Street, is ringing in the holiday season with a markdown sale, new products, gift baskets and a live event. According to store manager Lisa, there is a 50% off sale for all body, bath and hair care products throughout the month of December. Korres is also introducing its new line of Vanilla Plum and Sugar Plum products – including a small gift package of eye shadow, lip balm and lip gloss for less than $20. Additionally, the store features “create your own” gift sets in which customers can start with a small bag and put little items inside, including stocking stuffers like pomegranate soap, and Sugar Crystal day-and-night facial cream.

Catering and more at Lassen and Hennings
No one can deny that food is an important part of the holiday season. The catering, bakery items and even t-shirts at Lassen and Hennings at 114 Montague Street is no exception. Manager Thomas Calfa plans on jumping straight into the Hanukkah holiday with an extensive catering menu featuring a la carte items like zucchini and potato latkes (pancakes), beef brisket, three flavors of hammentashen (triangle fruit-filled cookies), matzo balls, and even a noodle kugel pudding, all for very low prices. A six-person dinner package costs approximately $95, which includes two whole chickens, beef brisket, cole slaw, rye break, latkes and chicken soup.

As for the bakery downstairs, Calfa said he is toying with a new pie idea this year, which is going to be “a surprise” if it works out. The bakery also features Christmas and Hanukkah-themed gift baskets, cookies, cakes and pastries. Lassen & Hennings are also selling “I love mom and pops” shirts of all sizes to promote small businesses. “We do a lot of different things,” Calfa said.

Seasonal plants at the James Weir Floral Company
How can you have a holiday without a big bouquet of poinsettias or a decorative wreath to put on your front door? The James Weir Floral Company, located at 155 Montague Street, is selling a range of seasonal plants and flowers. A store manager named Stella said these are “everything you need to beautify your home or office,” and they cater to all price ranges. A large bouquet of beautiful red poinsettias is only $50. Outside you can also purchase such holiday items as menorahs and hand-crafted jewelry.

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  • brooklynite

    If anyone is interested in getting some really nice jewelry, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Marissa Alperin Studio @ 25 State St.
    She has such beautiful jewelry in just about anyone’s price range. All handmade and unique. You will definitely become a repeat buyer.
    She was born and raised in the neighborhood and still lives here. Always great to support your neighbors.

    I believe she has a special Christmas collection show on Dec 14th.