Holiday Season Officially Begins in Brooklyn Heights

There are different ways of reckoning the onset of what we call “the Holidays”. Traditionally, Christians have dated them from the beginning of the liturgical season of Advent, while a more secular, commercial orientation has them starting with what has unfortunately, but alas accurately, come to be called “Black Friday.” For me, as a Heights resident, however, the Holiday season begins on “tree day”, when Brianna Parke and Bill Dallmeyer arrive from Vermont with their selection of trees, which they display along the sidewalk on Montague Street next to St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church. The trees come from Brianna’s father’s farm, Adam’s Vermont Balsam, at Barton, Vermont, and from a neighbor’s farm. As can be seen in the photo, Bill and Brianna, who arrived here yesterday, also sell pure Vermont maple syrup. They will be here until Christmas eve.

Update: reader Janet helpfully provides a link to Brianna’s dad’s blog. Note on the blog that trees are also sold at locations in Cobble Hill, Park Slope, and Clinton Hill.

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  • frances k

    Aside from the bakery of the refurbished Gristides, it’s the most fragrant spot in the Heights. Such an event!

  • Francine

    I love the holiday season.
    So many handsome guys from Vermont and Quebec.
    What should I pick this year? Tall or short? Skinny or full?
    Delivered and satisfaction guaranteed as always right?
    c’est bon!

  • Alex

    I hope they get to town a little earlier next year! Already got my tree outside of Atlantic’s Key Foods…

  • Janet

    Hey, check out the blog from these tree guys at

    Tell your friends!

  • Francine

    Rick, sorry, you sound desperate. I don’t like desperate, and no, New Hampshire does not count. Maybe if you were from Nova Scotia…..

  • Claude Scales

    Aw, gee. Here I thought perhaps I’d inadvertently started a successful dating service.

  • ABC

    love to see the trees arrive!

    (but I confess I buy mine either across from Costco or from Lowes — $25 cash is what christmas trees should cost IMO)

  • Brittany

    I love the holidays in NYC. Any suggestions for: Holiday musts in Brooklyn?