Park Pool and Beach Popular

At 12:19 this afternoon (Sunday, August 5) the pop-up pool and adjacent artificial beach on the uplands of Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park were in lively use, as seen from near the north end of the Promenade. Click on image to enlarge.

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  • lois

    Wondering if there was the full complement of 60 people in the pool, and if there was a long wait to get a wrist band.

  • Still here

    I walked by four times this weekend and while full, there was no line and the pool did not have 60 people in it.

    Several friends have used it recently and there was no wait.

    Its location helps – middle of the park.

    What a great park amenity!

  • X

    Is it kids and parents only?

  • Mr. Crusty

    How can the pool be popular? We heard so many on here say what a terrible idea it was. The criticism was pretty intense. How dare these BH residents enjoy the pool that we know is a horrible idea?

    Remember these words from sue?, “You can sell this if you want to as a positive but its not. It shows the impotence of our state elected officals when dealing with the mayor. I hope that those who think this pool is great are not shilling for the conservancy, the BBP Board, Daniel or the Mayor”

    ahhh.. that must be it, everyone seemingly enjoying the pool must be shills for the mayor?

  • Claude Scales

    X: It is not “kids and parents only.” Adults without kids are welcome.

  • Homer Fnk

    Karl is there every day holding court for those of you who’d like to say hi.

  • Karen

    I’ve gone twice with my 10 year old, once just the two of us and once with her friend. It’s a fantastic perk for a hot day. Sure, it’s only 3 1/2 feet deep across but it’s a great place for the kids to play and everyone to cool off. I think the earlier slots fill up especially on hot days. But the wait doesn’t seem too bad. There were some adults cooling off but it’s definitely more of a family place. No lap swimming! Sure, it’s not a giant pool, but I’ll take it!

  • yoohoo

    Sixty wristbands are distributed per pool use period. Nobody can predict how many of the 60 individuals will be in the pool at any one time or sit around under the umbrellas, so don’t get hung up on not seeing 60 children and adults in the water.

  • Jim

    i LOVE that we have this in our hood !!! “boo” to all the naysayers !!!

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I love this pool. The waits are minimal if you time it correctly. The pool is perfect to cool off after hanging on the beach on the comfortable beach chairs with umbrella to protect from the sun. The pool is primarily for parents and children but adults are more than welcome. On a day like today, a visit to the pop-up pool beach with a snack (burger) from the Beach Shack can’t be beat. An added perk is Beach Shack comes to your umbrella periodically and inquires whether you want food. Don’t even have to get up unless you need a dip to cool off. The place is great.