Brooklyn Heights Cinema Gets Reprieve

Yesterday evening your correspondent took his own advice and saw Farewell My Queen at the Brooklyn Heights Cinema. Owner Kenn Lowy was at the ticket booth, and gave me the happy news that the Cinema will be occupying its present quarters at 70 Henry Street (corner of Orange) at least through October. We’ll keep you posted on his search for a temporary location to last until the new building is completed.

As for the movie, I’ll repeat here what I wrote in a comment on an earlier post: Not heavy on plot, but the acting was superb, as were the atmospherics. It conveyed a convincing impression of what it may have been like to be part of the royal court at Versailles as the Revolution inexorably built toward its climax.

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  • Film Buff

    The admission price quietly/sneakily increased to $11.00. Long gone are the days when this theater rewarded audience loyalty with daily matinee discounts (not just 1X on a Friday).

  • RemsenSt

    Not sure how price raise is sneaky… It is a business after all and Kens gotta make money somehow. It is still three bucks less than most other theaters, the popcorn and soda is also worlds cheaper, and the programming is thoughtful. I really hope the new incarnation keeps it up… This place is one of the most charming businesses in the neighborhood.

  • JV

    Matinee discounts are also on the first Wednesday of every month. not just Fridays

  • Kenn Lowy

    I didn’t raise the price quietly. I posted a note for a month explaining why the price was being raised (one dollar). It was only the General admission price. Senior and student prices were unchanged. We also introduced a royalty card – see 10 films and the 11th is on us. And while I’m at it. Next Wednesday, Aug 15th is our first stand up comedy night. One hour of standup at 9 pm.

  • Film Buff

    With all due respect, the Cobble Hill Cinemas offers $7.00 matinee discounts for EVERYONE (not just seniors and students) EVERYDAY, not to mention ALL DAY on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If one loves going to the movies but is on a tight budget, that $4.00 difference each occasion really adds up. Oh, and by the way, both theatres often show the same films at the same time. As for the concession stands, I pass on those regardless of the theatre — way, way too much money!

  • ruben

    Good Lord, Film Buff… the price was only raised 1 dollar. Might be time to leave NYC. Heights Cinema is a great place to see a movie. I hope the place is able to continue.

  • shamrock

    Glad to hear there’s a reprieve. Although I do think movies have gotten costly everywhere, I’ll gladly pay the extra $1 at the Brooklyn Heights Cinema. The owner has done a good job with the place and like the films/entertainment he presents. I thought the selection of films by George Melies with live music by Liz Magnes back in February was priceless. Seems to me the cinema was even offering BHB readers “2 for 1 admission” for that show.

  • Neighbor Hood

    Good luck to Ken and the Cinema. Saw some of the live music films and they were great. You can count the number of independent cinemas on 1 hand now, so a 1 buck increase is a small price to pay for their kind of programing.

  • Sally

    I had no idea that this was being torn down. What a huge bummer. This theater was a huge selling point when I was buying my apartment.

  • Film Buff

    Hey Reuben — I wonder what a homeless person would say about your buck remark. Obviously you have cash to spare. My point was the $4.00 difference, which adds up very quickly. As for your nasty moving remark, I might if I didn’t have a rent-stabilized apartment.

  • Film Buff

    Correction: Ruben