A Tree Falls on Henry Street

The War on Trees continues – A tree fell to its death on Henry Street near Clark yesterday. Karl Junkersfeld was there to capture it all on video. Watch after the jump.

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  • GHB

    Glad the situation was resolved before any damage could occur, although knocking off that hideous “brickface” facade wouldn’t have been so bad.

  • Topham Beauclerk


    Hear, hear!

  • Judy Stanton

    The tree pit is way too small, and I’m surprised that it survived as long as it has. It appears to have had its roots cut at some point in its history.

  • j

    Thanks for the laugh. The dramatic opening sequence and music for a fallen tree really made my day.

  • Luke C

    Was the tree of a victim of its own success or of another careless truck trying to navigate where it ought not?

  • Bette

    Good coverage, but the music should have been sadder – it’s a tragedy!

  • BH’er

    Speaking of BH trees, anyone know the story of the redwood on Willow St? How tall is it?

  • http://www.collins.net.pr Dean Collins

    lol thanks for the video, cracked me up, i randomly found this while catching up on my regular BHB reading.

    I live in 135 Henry Street and am taking care of the problem.

    Basically at 10.44am a very large semi truck pulling out from where it was parked and clipped the tree with soem force partially knocking the tree down with enough force that several residents in surrounding buildings felt the event.

    Yes the tree was very very healthy 40+ feet prior to this and no it wasnt caused by the size of the tree pit.

    Yes NYC Parks services are very responsive….especially when Henry St was closed off at Clark for about 3 hours however shame the “replacement of the tree” is scheduled for 2-4 years from now…..

    As both the truck owners and the co-op residents at 135 Henry St care about the BH area we are arranging quotes from landscaping companies to have the trunk removed and a new tree planted asap.

    However NYC Parks rules clearly state that this work cannot occur before the 1st of October.

    If anyone on this blog have any landscapers they would like to suggest ask them to contact me asap as we hope to award this project by Friday.


  • http://www.cognation.net Dean Collins

    Well folks disappointed is all i have to say.

    As you can see on August the 5th when i happened to stumble across this post in my comments I was so full of understanding and acceptance that the trucking company SL Benfica Transportation who were driving the FoodBank truck away from making a delivery at First Presbyterian Church were going to make good on their damages.

    Unfortunately i have bad news to report.

    Basically SL Benfica Transportation are refusing to pay for the damages their truck caused and saying that although they knocked over a 40′ tree that they are not responsible for this and are only interested in sending over some handymen to patch up the bluestone sidewalk.

    I’m not really sure where they got their legal logic but they are basically saying that the costs of replacing the tree will be met by NYC parks in 3-5 years so they feel they have no obligation to replanting even the youngest of saplings.

    While both Foodbank and First Presbyterian management are well meaning in offering their apologies they say that the truck is not their responsibility and it’s a subcontract of a contract of a contract etc etc and that its not their responsibility to make good on this matter.

    It’s a sad day in Henry street that this stump will remain for the next 3-5 years.