Tipster: Joralemon Street Nishikigoi Sleep with the Fishes

This dispatch came in today from a BHB reader:

Epic fish tragedy at pond on Joralemon and Henry. Almost all dead this morning. Think it’s fish on fish violence.

This is not the first reported fish death in the pond. Back in 2010, two nishikigoi died during hot weather. Many BHB readers reported then that the building’s owners are very attentive caregivers.

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  • David on Middagh

    Fish-on-fish violence is something I’ve been carping about for years. “Pourquoi?” you say.

    Yes. Poor koi indeed.

  • Mr. Crusty

    David you are in rare form today I see.

  • No sleep till Brooklyn

    Made my morning.

  • GHB

    This makes me sad because I always like to stop to watch the fish. I wonder if it’s due to the recent cleaning of the pond, or if some nasty a-hole put something in the water?

  • Lou K

    I’m sorry to hear about the fish. I appreciate the effort the owners put into maintaining them – and the rest of their beautiful garden.

  • stuart

    sushi shame

  • Marcia K

    We have goldfish in a tank indoors in the Heights and in a pond in CT…all are dying or dead…first time in years. The weather? The heat?
    Fish WILL eat a “comrade” if it dies. But koi attacking each other? Not likely.

  • Ann

    It could be a botulism outbreak (bacterial infection). That can happen to ponds when it gets hot, the Clostridium bacteria start multiplying and when they reach a certain concentration, the fish get infected and die… Aerating the water should help to keep the bacterial concentrations low

  • Andrew Porter

    David on Middagh and I spoke to the wife of the owners, and she said that not all the fish were killed, just the smaller ones, which she found floating on the surface.

    Meanwhile, passers-by continue to toss copper pennies, which are lethal to fish, into the water.

  • GHB

    They should put that screen back over the pool to catch coins. Wonder why they removed it

  • She’s Crafty

    Everyone loves these fish! Sadly, a couple of years ago they all died because someone put soap in the water (on purpose).