Cobble Hill Super Service Not So Super?

Gowanus Lounge reports many complaints against Cobble Hill Super Service, the Shell station and garage at the corner of Atlantic and Henry. Any comments, pro or con?

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  • nabeguy

    New Excell is Joke…as in the manager’s name. Great place, have used them over the years for a ’68 Mercedes (which the head mechanic fell in love with), a Honda, and Toyota, and never had any trouble with their service or an argument with their price.

  • Publius

    I also recommend New Excell. Joke is fair on price, courteous and they do good work.

  • TS McGee

    This place tried to rip me off a few years ago.
    by GVAUGHN at Citysearch

    I brought my 3 year old car here for an inspection. They called me with an enormous bill of insane problems to fix. I called their bluff and went back to their shop for an explanation of the work. ( I’m a licensed aircraft mechanic and I understand how most mechanical things work). Once I showed up the crew backed down and said the 1000+ bill would be 300+ to get it passed the DMV inspection. Being a mechanic, I saw the scam alert going off and I took my car out of there after paying my 37 dollar inspection fee. I warned my friends but when I was alerted to this last post , I needed to make myself very clear…. STAY AWAY from this garage!!!

  • TS McGee

    Is Cobble Hill Super Service up to their old tricks on CitySearch?

    I found these people post allot of 5 star ratings for multiple businesses all over the United States. These posters seem to be shill’s.
    I rely on CitySearch to find quality goods and services. A flag went up when I saw a business that receives mostly poor ratings (Cobble Hill Super Service), get so many 5 star ratings within a few months by these individuals:

    mightymorphin – San Diego, CA Metro
    CircleK – San Diego, CA Metro
    MildMondayMorning – San Diego, CA Metro
    chappys – San Diego, CA Metro
    Texas User – San Diego, CA Metro
    MrsCoffee – Birmingham, AL Metro
    EMAuser – Birmingham, AL Metro
    Simply Divine – San Diego, CA Metro…..c.html#profileTab-reviews

  • TS McGee
  • Ilan Penson

    I just had my car towed to this shop bc it’s a AAA shop. Tony, who I dealt with today is the nastiest person. The charges he quoted me are so high as compared to other quotes I’ve got. He told me that a part was stolen from under the car. It may have been, but my first instinct when speaking to this guy, was “how do I know this guy didn’t take it and say it was stolen”. After I let him know I was taking it to another shop, he yelled and screamed at me and hung up the phone. I lodged a formal complaint with AAA bc they’re always so helpful and pleasant and this guy was a nighmare to deal with. STAY AWAY. It’s not surprising that now when you go to look them up on citysearch they’ve somehow delisted themselves – probably bc there were so many nasty comments.

  • nabeguy

    The problem is that they are still accredited by AAA. Here’s the link to complain directly to them