Bronx Disses Dimples

BHB Photo by Russell Dean

Bronx Blogger BoogieDowner disses Brooklyn Heights’ latest resident, Dimples Day Spa [91 Montague Street] in a post published on Sunday:

Boogie Downer: Brooklyn Parents…: Is it now safe to say that Brooklyn has morphed into a whole new level of gentrification hell? THIS is what they’re talking about when everybody waxes on and on about what a great place to raise a family Brooklyn is?

We’re all for entrepeneurs and supporting local businesses, but we’d like to see Brooklynites come to their senses and plot the downfall of this one. Well, they might not actually have to plot at all… Dimples may just collapse all on its own. Didn’t the owner, Daria Einhorn, hear about the implosion of the worldwide economy? I’d like to think that even the Bugaboo pushing, mommy-and-me yoga participating parents of Brooklyn Heights have some limit to what they’re willing to spend their money on.

To paraphrase the great Lenny Bruce – Mr. BoogieDowner don’t waste your time hating Brooklyn Heights.  The residents of the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island and most of Brooklyn should all get together and BEAT UP ON PARK SLOPE!

[via New York Observer]

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  • cv

    I have a six-year-old daughter, and I’m looking forward to taking her to Dimples to have her bangs cut for five dollars. That’s a bargain. (if I could do it myself, that would be best, of course, but it’s not a skill I have.)

  • Bob

    I wish them well, but have my doubts. It’s not very attractive, looks like it was done on the cheap (how about some curtains), and no promotion where they’d need it: at the schools and on the streets.

    Those storefronts could be some of the toughest on the block with all those stairs. No strollers need apply.

    Could be UPS storage again real soon.

  • Nancy

    I would’ve preferd a Jamba Juice or a frozen yogurt place myself…just saying…

  • sunshine

    I think people are over reacting about this place. You can get one of the cheapest haircuts for children in the neighborhood there. I see it as a children’s hairdresser with extra services if you want them.

  • AEB

    I think the issue is that BH is crying out for certain ADULT amenities (you know, like better restaurants)…so that when Dimples landed…well, it seems like the stuffing has arrived before the turkey.

    So to speak.

  • my2cents

    Homer, can you please not post comments from other bloggers as news on this blog? It’s like feeding manure to a cow. Who cares what some guy sitting in his underwear up in the Bronx thinks about Brooklyn Heights? Inane blather from idiots like me and the rest of us regular posters who actually live here is more than enough vitriolic commentary for this blog!

  • nicky

    This store is a disgrace… why are children getting manicures and pedicures….I thought the wall streeters and BHA crowd are now broke.. or so they say.

  • Billy Reno

    Wait’ll American Girl Place comes to Atlantic Ave. when Trader Joes puts Key Food out of bidness.

  • Heights Blog Master

    Wait, I have an idea…. how about something useful in that spot…like another pet store or a mattress store or another cleaners or another cell phone store! The fact of the matter is Montague Street sucks! Dimples or no Dimples there needs to be an entirely new approach to who and what can open on Montague.

  • Loving Brooklyn

    This space is limited in the type of store that can exist there. A restaurant is not possible with the little amount of square feet. Also, I doubt if it is equiped with a vent necessary for an oven. This space calls for a florist, gift shop, or personal good business model. So, the space does suit Dimples. Also, it is a great, unique business model that may become a destination for parents outside of the Heights.

    This is the type of store people should support. We should encourage more shops that are unique and may create more of a destination feel to Montague Street. Diversifying and increasing the potential consumers on the street, will create a trend that would encourage more unique stores to come to Montague Street. Maybe then we will get a few more unique stores. If you complain about the overabundance of chain stores because of their simplicity, you must know that the opposite is a unique store. Dissimilar to chain stores, unique shops are not created to appeal to everyone. So, you may not like the new batch of unique stores that come to Montague St.

  • clarker

    What Heights Blog Master is pointing out is the insane redundancy and pointlessness attached to every store opening. I couldn’t care less if it’s a chain. I care if it’s a useful, pleasant place that offers something actually needed or at least of interest on Montague. A florist would have been fine. This “children’s spa” thing is idiotic and embarrasses the neighborhood. I don’t care that it’s an independent business; it still sucks.

  • Heights Blog Master

    Thank you Clarker, thats the point! How about taking the best of Smith Street, Atlantic, and Bleecker Street as a model. I have even noticed that recently Court Street is kicking ass with the hot shops. So, what’s up with Monty? When I think of Smith, I think of hip brooklyn fashion and cool cafes. When I think of Atlantic, I think of interesting eats with a very brooklyn feel. When I think of Montague, I think of laying on a mattress with a cell phone in very clean PJ’s. Whats up with that??? I think the street suffers from an identity crisis.

  • my2cents

    true dat