Open Thread: Wednesday 4/25/2012

It’s April 25, which means big savings at the Brooklyn neighborhood Abraham and Straus! Today’s Brooklyn Eagle—uh, in 1902, that is—showcases an advert reminding locals that A&S at 422 Fulton Street features the “broadest aisles, perfect ventilation and prompt service from willing people. And A&S prices are the smallest anywhere.” For example, you can pick up a “combination Grand Gramophone for large & small records with recorder, reproducer, case and 14-inch horn,” on sale for $35.

Meanwhile, on this Open Thread Wednesday, blow your own horn and share what’s on your mind with your BHB compatriots. (Kitty Photo: Chuck Taylor: Willow Place @ State Street)

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  • PJL

    eg: 311

    Neighbor: FIOS is far superior to TWC in every respect

  • north heights res

    Trying to find a way to say this without snarky…probably unsuccessfully.

    Many thanks to Chuck Taylor for all the updates and timely articles on this site–it seems as though he has become the primary contributor, which must take up a good bit of time.

    Might it be possible that Chuck be given a copy-editor or proofreader? I think it’s disappointing to come here and regularly find spelling errors and typos in otherwise quality work on a quality site.

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    We have FIOS. Could not wait until it was available in our building. I have absolutely no complaints about FIOS.
    Very happy with it and well rid of TWC.

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    north heights res,

  • hicks st guy

    @Amanda, I just dumped two Verizon wireless accounts, two landlines, and have to say, just you wait. Do you work for Verizon, because I have never heard anything positive about their customer service.

  • BH’er

    my experience with verizon wireless is that they have very friendly customerservice that you rarely wait long toconnect with, however, you Need to call them frequently.

    i’d rather have a good provider that didnt require so many calls to customer serviceto fix service issues!

    and vz wireless can never fix anything – they pass the buck to Google, Androiid, the internet and anyone else they can blame.

    but theyre very nice people!

    not sure if fios is the same but vz is vz

  • TeamBeeBop

    Please don’t confuse that cat on the corner of Willow Place and State Street with still missing BeeBop who was last seen at the Heights Theater at 26 Willow Place. BeeBop has a black body with white belly and paws and distinctive mustache marking on his face.

    Owners are now offering $2,000 ANONYMOUS CASH REWARD for information leading to his return. They don’t care who or why, they just want their cat back.

    Please contact: 718-360-9918/917-837-6899.
    Check out his search on FB

  • Promenade Princess

    northheights… with all respect to homer and claude and karl, i’ve also noticed that chuck taylor seems to have become a primary contributor to BHB. he seems to put a lot of work into bringing a lot of different kinds of stories to the blog, from history to events to real estate to entrepreneurial news, and he also takes a lot of original photographs, which enhance the site.

    he also writes with a colloquial style that’s easy and fun to read. so if he makes an occasional misspelling, what in god’s name is your problem? this blog is a community forum, so if you’d like to hire a copy editor for the staff, i’m sure everyone would be happy to take your contribution.

    so yes, your comment was very snarky and ill-conceived. there has never been more to read on a daily basis on the brooklyn heights blog than there is now and i have it bookmarked and check in several times a day from work and home. so how about a thank you to the writers of this blog instead of your holier than thou attitude? really, there’s no excuse for that… i hope if chuck taylor sees this, he will keep on keeping on.

  • Jazz

    A couple of things.
    Beebop is DEAD DEAD DEAD. Or just doesn’t want to be found. Enough.

    @northheights – please reserve your proofreading comments for gothamist.

  • Eric

    Another NYPD thug arrested… this one for violating an order for protection after beating his wife. He is a sergeant in our 84th precinct and is already back on the streets.


  • Knight

    Eric, there’s gotta be more to that story than is printed in the article. Notice that the order of protection was issued nine months after the alleged assault. Then five more months pass and all he does is go on vacation with them to get arrested. Just doesn’t add up. There must have been more violence than they’re saying in order for an NYPD sergeant to get arrested.

  • Bette

    Don’t know if you guys will see this but wanted to thank redbaron, She’s Crafty and EH in BH for their recommendations for writing spaces! I will check them all out. Many thanks. I really like this neighborly “water cooler” chat room.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Knight, I think the article failed to mention the fact that in any domestic violence case, there is an temporary order of protection automatic issued at the time of arrest, that is in effect until the trial date. The Order cited it the story is probably the permanent order or protection issued by the court at the time of the trial. It is a violation of the order for either person to be in contact with each other, even if they both want to be together.

  • MadeInBrooklyn
  • Still here

    Neighbor Hood – FIOS vs TWC

    We’re a three box, DVR, HD, internet and phone customer. Besides saving $100 a month, it is so much better in terms of performance, service and price. Nor have I heard anything different from the other users in our building.

    It does take a few days to detox from NY1.

  • T.K. Small

    This morning there was a power outage in my building and management is blaming it on Con Edison. Did anyone else on Pierrepont Street have similar problems?