Open Thread: Wednesday 4/25/2012

It’s April 25, which means big savings at the Brooklyn neighborhood Abraham and Straus! Today’s Brooklyn Eagle—uh, in 1902, that is—showcases an advert reminding locals that A&S at 422 Fulton Street features the “broadest aisles, perfect ventilation and prompt service from willing people. And A&S prices are the smallest anywhere.” For example, you can pick up a “combination Grand Gramophone for large & small records with recorder, reproducer, case and 14-inch horn,” on sale for $35.

Meanwhile, on this Open Thread Wednesday, blow your own horn and share what’s on your mind with your BHB compatriots. (Kitty Photo: Chuck Taylor: Willow Place @ State Street)

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  • grumpy bert


  • Peter

    Second ; (

  • north heights res

    Question: has anyone ever used the shoe repair guys in the Clark St station? I was very happy with them in the past, but recently brought some boots to be cleaned/shined, and the job seemed sort of slipshod. I’ve been very happy with them in the past.

    Any other recommendations to get shoes/boots repaired?

  • Mjsolly

    Where did the trash cans go from the Pierrepont and Henry corners? There used to be 2 or 3 but now there are none.

  • Mjsolly

    Also any word on the development of Pier5? I see big stones and a small moat

  • mbutz

    I loved the old A&S. What a great store!! I still regret that they closed it. I worked there while in college – with the discount for employees – part time or full time, I was always able to look like I had a few bucks.

    Great loss for a great borough. . .

  • Elmer Fudd

    There is a shoe repair store on Remsen Street near Court Street on the Basement Level which is very good. He also does shoe shining.

  • Willowtowncop

    The Envy Salon space on Columbia Place has an Iris Cafe Take Away sign in the window!

  • http://n/a Barbara Shernoff

    I, too, loved A&S and was sorry to see it go. Macy’s is a good store but A&S was a nicer store. Also liked Martin’s across the street from A&S, on Fulton St. Many moons ago.

  • EHinBH

    North Heights — I never use Clark Street because the guy is miserable. Have had great service at the place on Monty. Give them a try.

  • Joe

    north heights res–I like the guy on Montague St near CT Muffin. He is a bit gruff but he has fixed my shoes/boots a number of times with no problems.

  • Joe

    Recently there has been a dog that has been barking every morning starting at 5-6 am. I face a courtyard and it seems to be coming from an adjacent apartment building or from someone’s yard. Closing the windows don’t help & due to the courtyard & building configuration there is not only an echo but it seems to amplify the barking. Is this considered noise pollution?

    -Sleepless in BH

  • hicks st guy

    @Joe, just shoot the dog!

  • Joe

    Willowtowncop I saw that too the other day. Hopefully it will be faster than their current take out speed. Even when your getting something simple, the take out is so slow.

  • Joe

    hicks st guy–Lol. Fortunately/unfortunately I am an animal lover and against guns but another week or two of this and I might be changing my tune.

  • Bette

    Can anyone recommend a quiet place to write that is not a Starbucks, in Brooklyn Heights? I’m going to try the Brooklyn Historical Society but I assume then I can’t have a cup of coffee by my side.

  • EHinBH

    Bette — Try the library on Cadman Plaza West — but only before the school lets out. Vineapple coffee shop on Pineapple may work too.

  • She’s Crafty

    Bette, you’re right, you can’t take coffee into the BHS. I wonder if you can to the library, but probably you can. I think that’s your best bet. You might find the Business LIbrary to be the quietest section.

  • AL

    Anyone have experience with Sherlock Homes Interior Corp, a full-service general contracting and renovation company?

  • Flashlight Worthy

    Indeed, Iris Cafe is branching out. To-go orders from the new place. And a much larger grocery selection. And tge added space will — are you reach for it? — allow for enough overall prep space that they can start serving DINNER at the original location.

  • CrankyOne

    I think I hear that same dog. Is he a boxer?

    I face a courtyard as well and there is a pup who is quite vocal. I’ve noticed that there is a black cat that likes to taunt the dog by walking on top of the fence just out of reach. Drives the pooch crazy!

  • redbaron

    @ Bette: I’ve been able to get some writing done at Vineapple–there are lots of people there on laptops (and free wifi!). Also I often see people with laptops in the upstairs seating section at CT Muffin. I think Le Pain Quotidien would be great too though not sure about noise level.

  • Alanna

    I was down at the Boro Hall station waiting for 4 train to Manhattan at 9am this morning and there was a dead male body covered with a sheet near the entrance hall to the 2/3 – lots of police presence and red tape.

    Does anyone know what happened?

  • X

    I was on the north bound 4 platform at 730am and EMS were there along with numerous cops.

    They closed off that section of the platform for a while, restricting access from there to the 2 train platforms.

    Not sure what happened though to the dissheveled looking deceased

  • Neighbor Hood

    Anyone have any feedback to offer on the quality of Verizon’s triple play (phone, internet,TV) service?
    I’m actually in Cobble Hill area and our building was recently wired. Have had it with Time Warner. Appreciate any feedback, especially since I’m considering taking the plunge and loosing my old hardline phone to their digital service bundle.

  • EHinBH

    NH – Everyone I know that switched wished they would have just kept TWC. It’s the same story, different channel.

  • GHB

    That’s what I’ve heard too. Not unlike cellphone service, they all suck

  • eg

    The adjoining building to mine on Pierrepont Street, has never trimmed the hedge since planting, maybe @15 yrs ago. It is now”‘the shrub that ate the sidewalk”, sticking out about a full yard onto the pavement. I saw one occupant and asked her, but she insisted they take care of it – not true. I believe the apartments are separate owners now.

    How to deal with this? Who do I take this up with?

  • amanda

    I’m in DUMBO and switched to Verizon FiOS about six months ago and have never looked back. The customer service alone is worth the switch to me.. if you ever have a problem the call center is staffed with friendly, knowledgeable people and you don’t have to wait on hold forever like you do with TWC. PLUS, the internet is light-years faster than on TWC. I can download a song from iTunes in literally seconds. On TWC it used to take at least a few minutes for any download over 1MB or so. For years Time Warner had a monopoly on the area.. now that there’s another choice, vote with your dollars and switch! Time Warner is terrible.

  • amanda

    Just to add: I don’t have any experience with Verizon FiOS phone service.. just cable and internet.