Open Thread: “You Just Won $10 Million Dollars!” Would You Leave Brooklyn Heights?

Congratulations! You just beat the 1 in 1.75 billion odds of winning the Publisher’s Clearinghouse $10 million dollar sweepstakes! Your family, friends—and all of us starving writers here at the Brooklyn Heights Blog—couldn’t be happier for your wondrous luck. For the sake of this exercise, let’s pretend the feds are going to award you the entire kitty. $10M in your pocket. So now what?

* As a Brooklyn Heights resident, would you relocate? * As a wealthy individual, is there somewhere else you’d rather live? * Would you maintain your primary digs in the Heights and buy a second home elsewhere? * Take a load off and let’s fantasize, for the sake of sharing… Is Brooklyn Heights already your dream destination, or are you cashing in your booty for a new locale? Do tell…

(Collage: Chuck Taylor)

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  • BKNYNative

    I’d stay here but get a bigger place with some outdoor space.