Irish Pub Coming To Montague’s La Traviata Space

The former La Traviata cafe at 139 Montague Street, between Henry and Clinton, is going to be replaced by an Irish pub and restaurant. The 30-year-old Italian eatery along Brooklyn Heights’ primary retail enclave shuttered suddenly in November 2011, and BHB reported in February that a sign in the window alerted us then that “RDR Bar & Restaurant Corp. plans to open a Tavern-Restaurant” in the space.

Brownstoner now reports that last week Community Board 2 supported the business’ request for a liquor license for an Irish-style bar with a large menu. No word on an opening date.

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  • Jorale-man

    The question is: will it be a nice, polished Irish bar like a “gastropub” – or something more bland and Midtown-ish? Hopefully they’ll consider the residential population here and skew towards the former.

  • X

    I love the smokers that frequently gather around outside a pub

    Lovely stench.

  • C.

    Looking forward to this

  • hobo

    There’s already that stupid pub next to Garden of Eden. What will be different about this one? Anyone know? Sounds like a loser…

  • Victor RIvera

    I believe this will do better on Montague st compared to Eamon’s, my friend Marisa her mom and myself went to the owners Manhattan location for dinner and drinks. It is a friendlier environment and a little cheaper waiting for the opening date it should be great. I also think it will do better then oh my pasta and Heights cafe in terms of food and service cant wait.

  • C.

    @ Victor:

    What’s the owners other location called?

  • Miss Montague

    @ Victor: I second C.’s qst! What is the other location called?

  • WillowtownCop

    @ hobo: So all Irish Pubs are the same? Just because Eamon’s is horrible, what does that have to do with this one? I guess all Italian restaurants are the same, too, right? The Olive Garden and Babbo? What an ignorant comment.

  • WillowtownCop

    I think it’s the Dark Horse on Murray, right by City Hall. I could be wrong but I think I heard that somewhere. If it is, that place is definately much better. Good sliders and Duvel on tap.

  • princess

    Yippee! Finally a Pub were our artists can “hang out” after performances!

  • elemengee

    I have yet to visit an Irish bar that isn’t crowded and noisy. The only place to eat at Eamon’s is the covered “patio.” You couldn’t possibly eat inside–at least I never could–it’s so noisy and booze smelling. The same applies to Buon Gusto–the bar can get pretty noisy at times and makes eating there unpleasant although the food is quite good, not to be compared with Eamon’s. Let’s hope this new Irish bar and grill has a bar that’s completely separated from the dining area.