Nomination Thread: Best Eats in Brooklyn Heights

Your humble publisher thinks it would be “fun” if we held an annual reader poll for the Best Eats in Brooklyn Heights.

The first step – nominate all of your favorite spots in the neighborhood (eat-in, takeout, breakfast, lunch, dinner) in the comments below. All types of eateries apply, we’ll break ’em down into categories for voting.

Comment away!

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Noodle Pudding to hang out by the bar and enjoy the reasonably priced italian Food with the excellent company of regulars.

    Jack The Horse Tavern for their excellent Sunday Brunch with Tim.

    Coffee on Cranberries wonderful benches on a sunny morning around 8:30 AM with Times in hand.

    Sushi at Hibino anytime just outside Brooklyn Heights limits on Pacific and Henry with a stop off at Tazza outdoor sitting on Henry when the sun hits it right at around 2PM.

  • Matthew Parker

    JtH for dinner or brunch. Iris Cafe for a sandwich. River Cafe for anything (probably doesn’t qualify at the Heights). River Deli (sometimes). For burger aficionados, Five Guys will do in a pinch.

    I’d also like to nominate my wife’s cooking for best eats. :-)

    Aside from those oases, sadly, I’m forced to leave the hood.

    I agree with Karl that Hibino is very good. Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Prospect Heights and Park Slope bury the Heights from a culinary standpoint.

  • Chuck Taylor

    I headed over to Atlantic Chip Shop Friday for Dine In Brooklyn and shared 2 lunch entrees for $10.01, an amazing deal. Fish & Chips, a fried macaroni ball and fried Twinkie… I left bloated like an elephant, but awfully damn happy. Service from the woman who looks like Lulu was awesome, too.

  • JustANeighbor

    Colonie for dinner.
    Jack the Horse for brunch or dinner.
    Iris Cafe for all things coffee and well, everything else.

  • AnnOfOrange

    Henry’s End
    Jack the Horse for brunch
    Heights Cafe for lunch
    Heights Felafel for take out
    Lassen and Henigs for breakfast pastries

    Le Pain Quitidien (opening about 4/6) for breakfast, lunch & bakery

  • harumph

    Colonie for dinner, definitely. JTH for brunch and Iris Cafe for lunch/coffee….just realized I’m second-ing JustaNeighbor! But also great Medit. food at Waterfalls cafe and the new Balucchi’s isn’t bad Indian (Curry Heights too).

  • Jorale-man

    Italian: Bevacco
    * Runner’s Up: Noodle Pudding (loses points for the hectic atmosphere and long waits on busy nights) and River Deli

    Brunch: Teresa’s (preferably sitting outdoors)

    Quick lunch: Hanco’s Vietnamese

    Coffee or sandwich: Tazza on Henry

    Hearty dinner: Henry’s End

  • Cadman

    Noodle Pudding

  • Margaret

    Siggy’s for breakfast and brunch!

    Tazza for coffee and tea…

  • Andrew Porter

    I very seldom eat out these days—too busy enjoying great food from Trader Joe’s—but ate last night at Teresa’s. Excellent as always.

  • Knight

    Great Wall … because somebody had to say it.

  • X

    Love Tenda for sushi

    Henry’s end for a wild games meal or a no frills dinner

    Prefer Chung Hing across from TJs for Chinese takeout

  • Nick BC

    Best eat-in dinner: Henry’s End. Fantastic world-class food, reasonable prices for a fine-dining restaurant, and the nicest wait staff. A true neighborhood jewel.

    Best take-out: Hanko on Montague. Their Vietnamese sandwiches and Pho soup are amazing.

    Best breakfast: The English breakfast at Atlantic Chip Shop (weekends only)

  • EHinBH

    Found something good that I never tried before: calzone at Fascati. They make them fresh and you have to wait a long time, but worth it. Get a side of sauce (that sadly, they charge for) and forget the pizza.

    Best overall dinner is Colonie (dont forget to get an order of brussel sprouts with bacon). Noodle Pudding for the bolognese only, River Deli for their chicken cutlet, Hanco’s for the shredded chicken sandwich, Jack the Horse for the atmosphere (they NEED a new menu now…), Henry’s End for anything with boar and also their chicken with pears.

  • v

    Love Tenda- awesome Curry Noodle Soup and sushi.
    Love Fatoosh- great grilled veggies.

  • Matthew Parker

    Honorable mention to Tutt Cafe, though it has slipped a bit since Sammy left.

  • E

    Tough call between Ozu and Armando’s for dinner.

    Pick up dessert at Lassen & Hennig’s

    After dinner drinks at Roebling Inn

  • BronxKid

    Queen on Court St. and Noodle Pudding for dinner.

    Fascati’s for take out pasta.

    Cranberries for muffins and such.

  • Quinn Raymond

    Great recommendations. I would add Curry Heights for Indian.

    Second the nominations for Iris, River Deli, Colonie, Queen, and Jack the Horse. All are excellent.

    Had a nice time sitting on the back deck of Oh My Pasta! the other day too.

  • Flashlight Worthy

    Curry Heights for Indian

    Colonie (sit at the kitchen bar) for a date night

    Iris Cafe for any food prior to 4pm

    Noodle Pudding for the best of the many italian options in the neighborhood

    Siggy’s Good Food for when you need to feel healthy

  • Anonymouse

    Oh my pasta!

  • hobo

    Great Wall for Chinese. Noodle Pudding / River Cafe / Oh My Pasta for Italian. (Edge to Noodle Pudding, though, service to one side, Oh My is very good.) Baluchis for Indian. Colonie for brunch. Great Wall the overall winner, for atmosphere, vibe, etc.

  • paul

    Teresa’s has a solid breakfast. eggs + kielbasa is awesome, as are the apple fritters and orange ricotta pancakes.

  • She’s Crafty

    We just ate at Baluchi’s and I must recommend them. The Dine out Brooklyn deal there is amazing and we got free popadum and samosas too. The food was great, the service was great, and the price was right.

  • Mark

    Hanco’s for a quick lunch. Lantern Thai for take out.

  • Claude Scales

    For dinner options, Henry’s End, JTH, Lantern Thai, Noodle Pudding, and River Deli; Atlantic Chip Shop for more casual dining or when overcome by Anglophilia; Teresa’s when in a Slavophile mood and craving kielbasa. We often have sushi delivered from Iron Chef, or middle eastern fare from Fatoosh. I’ve yet to try either Curry Heights or Baluchi’s (except for the tasty bite I got here), but will soon. For lunch, Hanco’s is a blessing, the falafel sandwich from Damascus Bakery is (as Karl would say) DEE-licious and a bargain, and Catania has some interesting Sicilian specialties I’ve just begun to explore. I’d rate the burgers at Grand Canyon over those at Five Guys, though both are good. We haven’t had breakfast or brunch out in the Heights much. I’ve heard that Clark’s (corner Clark & Henry) does terrific eggs with corned beef hash, a favorite of mine I’ll have to try. Yet to try Iris Cafe (except for a sample I got at last year’s Willowtown Fair); must remedy that deficiency soon.

  • Zee Jam

    Recommend Baluchi’s good food, good service and reasonable price.

  • Chewy

    American: Henry’s End. Great during game season

    Chinese: near where I work. Nothing worthwhile nearby

    Italian: probably Noodle Pudding when I don’t have to wait too long

    Indian: from now on definitely Baluchi’s

    Take-out, delivery: Chipotle, Baluchi’s, Grimaldi’s.

  • GivingTree

    Loved a recent meal i had at Bevacco – gnocchi was amazing.

  • RiseUp

    Had an amazing meal at Baluchi’s last night! Def a beautiful place, great service, the Chicken Tikka Masala probably the best curry I’ve ever had….To top it off we got a taste of the Mango Lassi that truly was absolutely addicting! Baluchi’s new in BHeightZZZ and def amazing.