Nomination Thread: Best Eats in Brooklyn Heights

Your humble publisher thinks it would be “fun” if we held an annual reader poll for the Best Eats in Brooklyn Heights.

The first step – nominate all of your favorite spots in the neighborhood (eat-in, takeout, breakfast, lunch, dinner) in the comments below. All types of eateries apply, we’ll break ’em down into categories for voting.

Comment away!

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  • WillowtownCop

    Did anyone read the latest Edible Brooklyn? There is a line in the article about Saul Bolton, who is opening an Italian place on Atlantic Ave, calling BH a “culinary wasteland.” It’s not entirely true, thanks almost exclusively to Iris and Henry’s End.

  • RF

    Waterfalls Cafe for awesome middle eastern– try the vegetarian platter, plus they make their own bread fresh. Pirogies and cold borscht at Teresa’s. Queen, JTH. Hibino’s, the only Asian worth eating at, though technically not BH.

  • lois

    Glad I finally saw my favorite place for lunch listed – Heights Cafe. I was pleasantly surprised by breakfast at Teresa’s; the bread they toasted was not the usual white bread and was not slathered with butter. All the other places mentioned (except the sarcastic mention of Great Wall). AND, I still like Fascati’s pizza.

  • JR

    breakfast: Clark’s, Teresa & Tazza
    other eats Fascati, Hanco & I really enjoy Damascus Bakery’s falafel
    dinner: JTH & Noodle Pudding

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    Alma Restaurant on Columbia St. Was not going to mention Alma as it’s not in the Heights but neither are some of the others.
    Teresa’s for breakfast.

  • Sue

    Happy Days Diner for breakfast or lunch
    Wine Bar on Henry for their amazing pulled pork and homemade potato chips

  • Will Pill

    My favorites are Iris Café and Brooklyn Heights Deli for breakfast and lunch, and River Deli, Jack the Horse, and Oh My Pasta for dinner and overall delicious food.

  • Heightsista

    Henry’s End for Dinner, Bevacco for good Italian. Noodle Pudding (if you can get in). Colonie (crowded but very good). Heights Cafe for lunch,brunch, order in dinner. Based on all comments- I’ve gotta try Balucchi!

  • Joe

    Breakfast: Teresa’s (best breakfast based mostly on their pierogies & their affordable price. Everything else is just ok)

    Fast food: Fascati (by the slice is better than the pie and they have very good baked ziti), 5 Guys (5 guys burger is as good as the Brooklyn Shake Shack & certainly their fries are much better.)

    Sandwiches: Iris and Hanco’s (BH Hanco’s is not as good as CH and they are so sloooow. Plus their pho is such a salty mess)

    Italian: Noodle Pudding (I do get bored of Noodle Pudding but it is solid & service is warm and friendly)

    Indian: Curry Heights (their shrimp curry is out of this world. Everything else is good by BH standards). Haven’t tried this branch of Baluchi’s yet.

    Middle Eastern: Waterfalls is good/decent for their veggie platter. Tutt cafe was decent but they are so painfully slow that I avoid going there. Once waited 1 hr for the check.

    Coffee: Iris, Tazza

    Japanese: None. Even Hibino which is the best around here (though not in BH) is not that good. Have to go elsewhere for good Japanese.

    Other Asian: None. The Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese are all bad. Kim Paris, the Vietnamese restaurant over Andy’s which closed was great & still missed.

    Restaurants that elude me are Colonie and JtH. Even by BH standards I don’t get the love for that price point.

  • liam

    Queen is the BEST italian restaurant in the neighborhood!
    Teresa, is the best casual dining spot. all the dishes are good.
    i’ve never had a bad meal there.

  • Jen

    Henrys End for a fancy dinner, Noodle Pudding for a more reasonably-priced dinner. JTH for a fancy brunch, Clark Street Restaurant for great diner food. Like Lantern also but otherwise Montague eateries (minus the chain places) are hit-or-miss.

  • PBL

    Best overall is Jack the Horse — just an unbeatable combination of exceptional cocktails, the best mac & cheese in NYC, and spot-on entrees. Owner is really nice as well. Hangar Steak, Lamb, etc … all fantastic.

    Best food — Henry’s End. Best duck in Brooklyn (and 2nd best in NYC behind Buddakhan), and great value for high-end cuisine. Place is a bit narrow and can get loud, so in my book its just a hair behind JtH.

    Best Italian — Tough call here. I used to be a Noodle Pudding loyalist, but when the chef left to open Al Mar (which rocks, but its in DUMBO), I think Noodle Pudding slipped a notch. Queen, despite its tacky decor, has the better Italian food in the hood now. Bevacco is decent, but service is so slow, its hard for me to become a regular.

    Best Vibe — Colonie. Brooklyn Heights’ “sexiest” restaurant, the food is quite good but a tad pricey. Love the vibe there (saw Keri Russell there recently), and the food is good enough to keep coming back, although it never blew me away.

    Best Chinese — this is like picking the best player on the Mets … just not a lot of choices. I guess Andy’s for their lunch special, but overall we could use a great Chinese restaurant in the hood.

    Best Mobile — A tie between Calexico in Brooklyn Bridge Park (their pulled pork quesadilla is insanely good) and the Dumpling Truck on Atlantic (try their edomame dumblings … wow!).

    If I had to rank the restaurants, combining food, vibe, value, wine list, etc, it would go:

    1. Jack the Horse
    2. Henry’s End
    3. Colonie
    4. Noodle Pudding
    5. Queen (behind Noodle Pudding cause of atmosphere)
    6. Bevacco
    7. Baluchi’s
    8. Iron Chef House
    9. Ozu
    10. Henry Street Ale House (underrated burger!)

  • Ginny

    Henry’s End is #1 with me and my husband (Steve R). And the Brooklyn Heights wine bar with that most excellent bartender, Brian.

    We like Bevacco’s food a lot but they have a long way to go before their wine list is “user friendly.” It is not reasonable for a local place.

    Noodle Pudding is another favorite. We like the open windows in the mild weather and the food is great, wine not so but acceptable.

    Teresa’s is always reliable for breakfast, but why can’t they make good coffee!?

  • Hayley

    Breakfast / brunch: Clark Diner if you want quick and cheap, Colonie if you want something nicer

    Dinner: Waterfront Ale House for quick / cheap, JTH for a nicer dinner

    Special mentions of favorite food items:
    Fatoosh for falafel
    Siggy’s quinoa salad
    Oh My Pasta succhini cream pasta
    Hanco’s vermicelli salad with tofu
    Teresa’s pierogies

  • WillowSt.Neighbor


  • PBL

    Wrote a post earlier, and for the first time I got a “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” What’s up with that?

  • PromGal

      Henry’s End for wonderful food and service, and Bonnie is the best waitress anywhere. The Wild Game Festival is not to be missed. The turtle soup is amazing, served with a bottle of good Spanish sherry, the duck is wonderful, and just about everything else as well.  
    Their signature dish,  chicken with pears in a blue cheese sauce is one to order again and again. The fried chicken is amazing, possibly the best ever. 
      Noodle Pooding has really good food, good service, and nice ambiance. A nice dining experience with excellent northern Italian cuisine. Very nice waiters who are helpful and accommodating.
      Jack the Horse has a charming country tavern atmosphere, and good food, but a more varied menu would be appreciated.
      Armando’s is an old timer, given new life. The food is very good, Shrimp and fish dishes always very fresh and prepared to order. 
    The ambiance is pleasant,and the waitresses helpful and polite. 
      Heights Cafe is better than you think. The burgers and fries are delicious, and the fish dishes fresh and well prepared. 
    Lovely outdoor cafe, especially nice for lunch or brunch. Nice lunch menu. 
      A word about Tazza: the place is a dump, the desserts sit around for days in the case and are not given away or thrown out if not sold. The staff always seems unhappy, is impolite and unprofessional. The temperature in there is like a meat locker! 

  • Melissa

    Bevacco has a really nice brunch and lunch. Colonie has the best dinner. And Teresa’s the best breakfast.

  • Philbert

    My favorite individual item in BH is the breakfast burrito at Siggy’s. It’s delicious, hearty, and nutritious. The coffee at Siggy’s is also top notch. My only qualm with that place is that you often have to listen to Ms. Siggy berating and yelling at her staff.

    The potato and mushroom appetizer at Oh My Pasta! is very good, but the rest of the menu is either salty or oily.

  • Fritz


  • PBL

    PromGal, great picks, I agree almost 100% across the board. My only slight objection is Heights Cafe: I have admittedly only been there once, but the food (on that sole occasion) was bland and quite bad. Perhaps it was an off day?

    Love the rest of your picks, and I agree about Tazza … yawn!

  • Hicks St Guy

    Noodle Pudding, Lantern, Hanco, Ozu, Ignatzio’s, Tazza, Henry Wine Bar, Pete’s Waterfront, The Good Fork, that’s it.

  • EHinBH

    Where is the picture connected to this entry taken? Is there a place to get nachos here?

  • Orange Girl

    Jack the Horse, hooves down
    Atlantic Chip Shop – best fish & chips I’ve had in decades

  • She’s Crafty

    @HSG agree on Ignazios, much better pizza than Grimaldis.

  • Homer Fink

    EH – it’s from our “review” of Moxie Spot.

  • Tclinton11201

    I can’t believe that Henry Street Ale House is only mentioned once when Heights Cafe and a few others sub-par places are listed here…

    Fried chicken and gravy? Chicken pot pie? anything Mexican influenced? and last but not least it’s very nicely priced!!! and then the beer selection is simply awesome (hating Heights Cafe and their half-pint at the price of a pint anywhere else…)

  • soulman

    We eat at Iron Chef about once a week and have never been disappointed. The food is extremely tasty and inventive, the staff is superb and we live across the street.

  • EHinBH

    Thanks, Homer.

    Tclinton — Didnt realize Henry Street Ale House had fried chicken! Is it made to order? Very curious…

  • Knight

    EH: they have fried pickles, too. (seriously)