Mugging on Joralemon Street

A reader let us know that this past Saturday at about 9:55 p.m. he was mugged while walking on Joralemon Street between Clinton and Sidney Place. Two men, who appeared to be in their twenties, one wearing a camouflage coat and the other a dark sweater and baseball cap, overtook him on the sidewalk, then turned, forced him against the wall of the Medical Arts Building, and demanded his wallet and cell phone or they would shoot him. He did not see a gun, but quickly gave them his possessions. He added:

I say all of that to encourage fellow readers to remain vigilant even when it isn’t too late at night. At the time I was mugged, I was texting on my iPhone and regret attracting the assailants’ attention. I also encourage readers to keep on the lookout for anyone who may be in the midst of a mugging – I wish that a pedestrian had realized what was taking place and contacted the police immediately. Instead, an onlooker approached me afterwards to ask, “Were you being mugged?” Indeed I was, as are most people who are being screamed at to hand over their wallet or else having a “f***ing bullet put in” them.

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  • Flashlight Worthy

    Egads! What time of day did this occur?

  • Claude Scales

    9:55 p.m. Sorry, I left that detail out of the post, but have now added it.

  • stuart

    Geez louise, don’t text while you walk!
    You could be mugged in monaco doing that.
    What urgent message to President Obama did you need to send that very minute? The instant texting, instant tweeting mania is the modern equivalent of chain smoking. It is an uncontrollable compulsive habit that is bad for your health.

  • GHB

    Don’t blame the victim. He did nothing wrong!

  • stuart

    ghb: what planet do live in?
    walking down a city street oblivious to your surroundings is not doing anything wrong? I beg to differ. It is a major mistake.

  • Cat

    Geez, stuart: don’t you think the guy feels bad enough as it is? He already said he regretted that he was texting. I’m sure he’d like to rewind the clock and have that moment to do over. Be kind.

  • stuart

    sorry, I guess we all went to St Ann’s with no grades and no judgement, Well that;s not who I am. This guy is a dope.
    He deserved what he got.
    an F in city living.

  • Knight

    Stuart, you need to understand the difference between “making a mistake” and “doing something wrong”. Texting while walking alone on a Brooklyn street after dark is a mistake; mugging that person is doing something wrong. Innocence is not a crime.

  • Flashlight Worthy

    In defense of the victim, i imagine it’s hard to live your life in fear of a remote possibility. I say remote possibility because I’ve lived in Brooklyn Heights for 12+ years and have never been mugged and don’t know of anyone firsthand who’s been mugged in this neighborhood or any other.

    Yes, it happens. But if it happens so rarely that it seems like urban myth — it’s hard to change the way you live your life.

    (Oh and just for the record, I have been the victim of an attired violent crime — someone tried to break into my home by taking a chunk of concrete to my street-level window at 4am about a year ago. Thank goodness for hnbreakable laminated glass!)

  • GHB

    So Stuart… you’re walking down your street late at night, alert, then you get mugged by 2 thugs. No texting, just walking home. Is it your fault because you were walking at night? Did you deserve what you got? Please explain your logic.

  • Ben Stein

    People need to be “street smart”. You’re living between two projects. Grow up and be aware of your surrounding. I mean REALLY!!

  • Claude Scales

    Old on-line discussion advice: don’t feed the trolls.

  • X

    Someone ban Stuart

  • Teddy

    The streets of the Heights can definitely go from Dr. Jekyll during the day to Mr. Hyde at night. Don’t use your smartphone at night if you really don’t have to (especially if you’re walking alone) and walk swiftly home.

  • Ben Stein

    If you’re not familiar with your neighborhood, Walk around a 20 block radius. It’s free and you can learn how we live everyone,

  • Lou K.

    I noticed a young cop was stationed on the corner of remsen and clinton wednesday evening at 10pm. I’d suspected something had happened. I’ve read that CompStat stations cops on nearby corners in response to street crimes.

  • ronr

    Never let your guard down…put away the smart phone at night..

  • Ex-heightster


    Quite foolish to blame the victim!

    You imply that anyone not paying attention in the Heights deserves to be mugged? The guy could have been looking right at the perps & had the very same outcome.

  • EHinBH

    It’s because all of the low lives that Court Street attracts.

  • PJL

    Too bad that something has to happen to get any police presence around here (other than to give tickets, of course…).

    Why don’t we get any regular patrols? Or am I just not seeing them?

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    I have been wondering myself about the lack of police presence in the Heights since I moved here 7 years ago.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Stuart, go away. This blog often gets too acerbic, but leave the poor guy alone. He’s clearly been through enough, jerk.

  • resident

    Stuart is being a jerk, but he isn’t exactly wrong. Using your smart phone while walking, especially while alone and at night, makes you a target, while at the same time lowering your awareness to your surroundings. He didn’t “deserve” to be mugged, but he certainly increased his risk.

    People need to realize that smart phones are what muggers are interested in these days. People carry less cash, and electronics in the ebay era present a much greater return on the actual value of the goods stolen as opposed to jewelry. By openly displaying your smart phone, it’s the equivalent of walking around flashing $300 15 years ago. It makes you a known quantity in a muggers eye. They’re not risking a felony arrest only to come up empty when the guy has $12 in his wallet.

  • misterbones

    Stuart, you’re a jackass. A few months ago, I got mugged, too, also on Joralemon. I had the temerity to take my phone (yes, iPhone) out to call my wife.

  • ledley

    First off, I would like to thank the victim for putting in the effort to let his neighbors, community and Stuart know what happened. I walk by the Medical Arts Building at least twice a day and even sometimes past 9:55. I will now be much more alert and consciously walk in the areas that are better lighted and more populated. It very well could have been me or any one of us. The victim might have been texting his family he was on the way home if they were wondering where he was. I know that I’ve done that before while walking back from the train. Also, we don’t really know what a mugger is looking for— the phone you’re texting with, the watch you’re wearing or the bag you’re carrying. A mugger could jump you for many other reasons much more pricey than a used smart phone.

    The point here is not to blame the victim but to be conscious about the neighborhood that I’ve always felt overly safe in. Thanks to the victim for caring for his neighbors and community and contacting the Brooklyn Heights Blog about the unfortunate incident. The only way to really combat this issue is to be smart at night and come together as a community and communicate issues like this to each other and the city.

  • Tclinton11201

    glad to see Stephen and Vanessa are still in people’s mind!

  • Claude Scales

    Come to the wine and spirits tasting tonight; maybe you’ll meet them:

  • WillowtownCop

    They will be in for a nasty surprise if they try to mug me. I’m an excellent shot.

  • pretzel logic

    That sucks claude. Sorry to hear that.


    You’re not wrong but give Claude a break man. Who let these mofo’s into this neighborhood. People that behave this way don’t derserve to continue living. If WillowtownCop ever sees this kind of thing go down, I hope Willowtown Cop is serious about dropping their asses.

  • Christie

    Hey, I’m the same person that just posted about getting the wheels on my car jacked on State St. This is exactly where someone tried to mug me…around the same time. Similar MO but I had a hoodie on, fleece pants without pockets and was walking an obviously ancient
    dog. No cell phone, no wallet nothing.
    At least I was lucky to get dumb muggers. Two black kids. Early 20s, slight build. I should have called the cops. Not that it would have done anything at that moment. And there are muggings there like once a week.