Open Thread Wednesday 2/15/12

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BHB Photo by Chuck Taylor

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  • willowbubb

    tony- I have a burning hate for those elevators.. but the truth of the matter is they are what they are… old elevators. I have been on both sides no pun intended.. i’ve been the ass that presses the button when the doors are closing and then allow 10 more people on, and i’ve also been the annoyed person in the elevator huffing and puffing bc of the ass that pushed the button. hah.

  • val

    Judging from the tone of most the comments, we all had *that* kind of day. Friggin’ February.

  • Jorale-man

    I had a dream last night that a new grocery store moved into the storefront on the corner of Joralemon & Clinton. It was full of gourmet food items and tons of fresh produce, all nicely displayed. Quite a letdown then when I woke up, looked out the window and saw the same old boarded up storefront!

  • epc

    @grumpy bert another trainer recommendation: Renee Payne,

  • nystrele

    A VET?!! since our beloved doc left henry street and transferred his records to atlantic avenue, i’m concerned about finding compassionate, affordable care in the nabe. can dog-owners let me know where they take their pets and whether anyone has experience with this vet on atlantic? and where exactly is this doc? thanks!

  • Tony

    @MonroeOrange: Understood; I was not suggesting that it was 20 feet from the station to the subway platform (I’ve done the stairs). But as I said, there are three of them, and even during the slow times I find myself waiting forever for an elevator. I vividly recall many years ago when the elevators were down for several months for what we told would be serious renovation. Nothing changed.

  • KT

    Anyone know what is moving into the old Heights Kids space on Pineapple walk? I saw people working in there today.

  • resident

    Tony: As a resident of 23 years, you’d think you’d know the tricks of the trade. You hold the open door button for as long as there’s someone that can get their hand in as the door is closing. You frantically push the close door button when there isn’t someone close enough to get their arm in between, and when you hear the shrill alarm, you let go of the open door button and apologize to anyone shut out, pretending there’s nothing you can do.

    On the door closing before anyone can get in, I presume it happened on the one closest to the emergency exit. You either have to be quick and slide an arm in or press the button.

    And it takes 2-3 minutes, because all of these problems with boarding the elevator also take place on the other end. They’re not constantly filled, but it doesn’t take much to create a slight delay.

  • David on Middagh

    I’ve heard of the Water Dept. Scam, where a fake employee keeps you distracted in the basement while his partners in crime march your valuables out the front door. I can’t think why Verizon would send you anything from an AOL address, unless they’re using a subcontractor. Definitely have extra people on hand to guard your premises when this work is done.

  • monty

    I think the elevators are ok. If you’ve ever made the mistake of taking the stairs, you’d know how deep underground the platform is. And you’ve got 40-50 people getting on and off at a time. They run about as quickly and smoothly as one could possibly expect.

  • Jorale-man

    The Clark elevators are okay for what is probably 1960s technology. But it’s still pretty pathetic that we’re supposedly a world-class city and we have such a decrepit, run-down infrastructure. It’s always embarrassing when I see European or Asian tourists in our subways and think what they’re probably used to by comparison.

  • lori

    Nystrele: We have started using the Benfield Vet Hospital located inside the new PetSmart store on Atlantic and Boerum Place. They have facilities on side and we have been very satisfied They also have wellness plans (not insurance) that we have found to be a good buy.

  • Sally
  • Sally

    Ooops! Just saw that this was already posted!

  • Claude Scales

    Factoid I picked up years ago from what seemed a reliable source: the Clark Street elevators were originally designed and built to shuttle flight crews between the ready room and the hangar deck on an aircraft carrier.

  • Montague St. Neighbor

    @Grumpy Bert: Try Rikke Brogaard, Give Paw Dog Training, Vivanne Arzoumanian of Pumpkin Pups or Andrea Arden Dog Training all of whom use positive reinforcement and humane methods :-) Henrietta, her husband and any other trainer (though they are actually just dog walkers!) who regularly advise clients to use shock, choke, prong collars and other methods of punishment are not people to listen to! Read “Dog Sense” by John Bradshaw if you don’t believe me.

    @nystrele:As for the VET, One Love Animal Hospital. They are as good as it gets. Out of 70 yelp reviews, 68 are 5 stars! Check it out:

  • Peter

    The Verizon flyer is legit. It’s for FIOS installation. They’re working all over the nabe. I met the nice guy who was handing the out and asking questions about where the phone line came in all up and down our block. Knowledgable and professional… can’t wait for the FIOS!

  • GHB

    @Montague St. Neighbor, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, say nothing. Henriett is not “just a dog walker”, she’s a certified dog trainer. Both she an Csaba (her husband) are very good with dogs. They never advocate “shock, choke, prong collars and other methods of punishment .” If you believe that, then you are a fool.
    @Nystrele, I use Dr. CJ Norton, formerly of Heights Veterinarian. She now does housecalls for regular checkups, and rents space for surgery and other more serious needs. She can be reached at 347-443-0203.

  • Montague St. Neighbor

    @GHB: I’ve spoken to many, many dog owners who have been advised by the two of them to use aversive methods and who’ve used them feeling like they were in the hands of experts. Anyone can be certified whether they use humane methods or not. They are dog walkers in this neighborhood whether or not they also train dogs. Their style is old fashioned, behind the times and far less than humane. If you believe in punishment based training, fine, but others who are looking for help with their best canine friend deserve a trainer who uses positive methods!

  • Erin

    Hi folks. I hope to sublet my 1 bedroom apartment on Middagh & Hicks in Bklyn Heights for any combination of dates between March 7- 26. Longer stays will take priority. We are asking $600/wk (or best offer) including all utilities. Here’s a little about the place…

    -fully furnished
    -4th fl. walk-up (takes up entire top floor)
    -1BR w/ double bed
    -living room w/ long couch (comfortable to sleep on)
    -full kitchen w/ dishwasher
    -lots of light
    -high ceilings
    -roof-deck w/ beautiful views of lower Manhattan
    -free laundry in basement
    -sweet cat living in apt. needing minimal attention

    Email me if you’re interested! I can also send photos of the apt.
    thanks, Erin

  • Dan

    I miss the Deli, great bunch of guys.

  • MonroeOrange

    600/week and you have to take care of a cat! What a deal!

  • ClintonStRez

    @Peter — Thanks for the info about Verizon. It was just really hard to tell from the handout.

  • CrankyOne2

    I’ve known multiple people who have used Czaba and Henriette and have never been advised by them to use aversive methods. That’s really shocking that you would say that.

    Many people in my building use them. I also know that the dogs seem to absolutely adore the both of them.

  • GHB

    @CrankyOne2, agree completely. I use them and have never had any problems whatsoever.

  • grumpy bert

    @nystrele we love One Love for our little pup.

    Again I appreciate everyone’s recommendations. I’ll probably make a few phone calls and get a feel of their methods.

    If anything, I am the one who needs the training. If a zapper is involved, I am running!

  • David on Middagh

    But I live in the same building as the sublet. Whoever takes the deal gets to meet *me*! Surely that should be taken into account.

    Actually, compared to paying $300 per *night* at a hotel that isn’t even inside the bounds of our quaint little neighborhood…

  • Fritz

    Regarding Clark St elevators. Try the elevators or escalators on the Washington Metro. There are usually 3 ups and 3 downs on a commute, and they are never all working. It’s a good trip when only the downs are down.

  • Cat

    Argh! When did the parking ticket office in Borough Hall close?! Don’t want to go into Manhattan to pay tickets (to get the discount). And for as many tickets as they hand out here in the Heights, they should keep the office open. Meh! (Okay, rant over.)

  • LincolnLogs

    @ nystrele : Hope Vet on Atlantic is the best – gentle, compassionate, a true love for animals, just great people all around & they are equally wonderful w/pets & w/their people. When had to put our 20+ yr old kitty to sleep a few years back – they provided us with a comfortable space to be with our little guy & made a sad process be as good as it could be. They also sent us two long hand-written sympathy cards mentioning specific qualities about Mingus (our cat) & they had only seen him on just a few visits. We wish we had found Hope Vet sooner. We also have friends who take their pug there & they are equally pleased.