Open Thread Wednesday 2/15/12

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BHB Photo by Chuck Taylor

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  • AEB

    So, David, you’re virtual? Confession: I’m holographic. And LOVING it!

  • David on Middagh

    AEB: Virtual? I try to be good.

  • Jorale-man

    @Hayley – I understand the former Haystack shop on Clinton is going to become a small gym called The Everyday Athlete. They have one on Union Street already, apparently:

  • AEB

    Sorry, David: I meant virtual-ish. Which gets us into string theory. Or something like that.

  • Nancy

    The office closed a few months ago. The reduced fine program ended on January 31st, so there is no more discounted parking tickets. Its pay full price or challenge, just like it used to be

  • beth

    Do some cats just roam free outside or is it that when you find a friendly cat with no tags he’s probably escaped? I’m totally ignorant of all cat-related matters, but met a sweet cat this morning.

  • David on Middagh

    It could be a free-roamer that someone feeds and is now trying to find a warm home. I would leave it alone unless you want a cat.

  • WillowtownCop

    Calling the police for reckless drivers that don’t hit anyone is a waste of time. The criminal procedure law doesn’t allow issuing tickets for violations that the cop doesn’t actually see. There are exceptions for trained accident investigators at the scene of accidents, but they don’t investigate accidents that didn’t actually happen. If somehow the person who was in such a big hurry to begin with is still there by the time the cops get there, they can’t do anything about it anyway.

  • Master Of Middagh

    I have the cat right now and it will NOT SHUT UP! I’ve given it wet cat food, water and a box with litter. But I’m studying for the BAR- I can’t keep this thing if it won’t keep quiet, I live in a studio! It’s super-friendly, though and seems to be in good health.

  • Master Of Middagh

    All right- the cat wanted to leave, so I let it go. If it keeps hanging around, I’ll call a no-kill shelter.

  • Master Of Middagh

    It’s being dealt with. The mail carrier said she recognizes what home the cat belongs to and a neighbor is bringing it over, I believe.

  • Andrew Porter

    Boop: I see distracted drivers all the time; they’re usually texting or otherwise on their cell-phone—which of course is illegal here in NYC. I try to go around them via the rear of their car, because they’re both on the phone and watching out for other traffic, which usually doesn’t include people walking by. Very dangerous. I would have used my house key to scratch their car.

    KT: Peas & Pickles is moving into the space on Pineapple Walk, expanding their store. I bet Grease-tede’s hates them, but tuff.

    The Clark Street elevators: Claude Scales is correct: they really and truly originally used aircraft carrier elevator technology. Eventually the stuff was discontinued, and the MTA had to find newer equipment to install. The trouble is that these elevators are used so much, they are under constant strain.

    Erin’s apt is really nice, btw, and the cat is friendly, too. If you rent the place, remember to keep the bamboo well-watered.

  • T.K. Small

    Master of Middagh: Best of luck with the BAR exam. Unfortunately, it is a ridiculously stupid and irrelevant process. Don’t worry so much about providing perfect legal answers, but just present logical arguments following the IRAC framework.

    When my father took the BAR, he had a similarly distracting cat. The cat loved to retrieve paperclips and would find them all day long and bring them to my father. It seemed easier just to keep tossing the paperclips, rather than having a disgruntled cat.

  • Master Of Middagh

    Thank you, T.K.! As you can guess, this is a pretty intense week for me and I really appreciate you recognizing that. I would write more, but the law is harsh mistress and she is calling me!

  • Fulton Landing Dog Whisperer

    The remarks about certified dog trainer Henriett Kadas and her hard working, dog loving husband Csaba are typical of the rhetoric you’d expect from someone who posts anonymously at the same time they want you to buy something. This bot “Montague Street Neighbor” is probably really Barnes & Noble on Court Street using this community portal to push inventory.

    Aside from the fact that H&C are the ONLY people I have ever trusted to care for my well-known dogs, the beloved elder statesdog Homer — who has also been slandered on this site — and the certifiably problematic Artemis Rubicon, rescued from the dog run on Christmas Eve 2004. Ruby, as she is known, has never been on a choke, prong, or other pre-millennial device. I have never seen H&C use any method aside from calm assertiveness in their training and dog care. That Ruby can walk with other dogs when she is in their care is still miraculous to me.

    If people are going to post slander on this site, perhaps there should be more policing of the content, or at the very least, a revelation of the party making such egregious claims that could certainly have a negative impact on a small, family owned, neighborhood business. This should not be a forum akin to the Real Housewives of Brooklyn Heights. Since it is associated with the Brooklyn Bugle, they should assume some editorial responsibility and accountability.

  • Tom V

    To Montague St. Neighbor: If you wish to slam local business owners with spite and unjust words you might want to look up KARMA. I as the owner of Perfect Paws have know Henriette and Csaba for numerous years and highly recommend them without hesitation. We have many good and many bad local dog walkers and trainers. I have been doing business in this area for over 20years and have lived here most of my life. I have received many local awards for my good neighbor ship to the community and would never jeopardize that standing by recommending persons that were unqualified to do a job. I have seen first hand the good Henriette and Csaba have done to keep animals that were deemed un-trainable and un-saveable trained by them and kept from being returned to shelters. I watched while Henriette was going to school for two years to be certified by one of the best training institutes in this country. She is a professional dog trainer and certified in many fields from basic obedience to schutzhund III. It is hard enough to counter normal people on this and many other sites with bad slander, but to have to chase a nom de plume ghost is worse.
    I have degrees in animal husbandry and veterinary science and nutrition and pride myself in knowing how wonderful and professional both Henriette and Csaba are. Venomous words not only hurt but can sway minds that are not smart enough to think for themselves. Constructive criticisms are fantastic and we can only grow from them. Hateful writings are mean, tacky, unjust and if you don’t have first hand proof just plain talking out of your ass. I pride myself on being a good neighbor and good local community activist and speak on behalf of good people. I hope you take into consideration your real name instead of hiding behind a facade of shame. Tom V. owner of Perfect Paws Inc.

  • Rob Klein

    I agree whole heartily With Tom V that Montague St. Neighbor you are speaking out of your ass. Henriette and Csbas have been taking care of my dog and at least 12 in our build alone. They are on time, honest, kind, animal lovers, fantastic with dogs and people and would never advocate as you put it “to use shock methods”. Are you just a mean nasty person with no life. They have been in this area WALKING, TRAINING and CARING for animals for years. If you have a gripe for personal reasons they confront them face to face not as a shadow in hiding using a blog for your weapon. How dare you try to harm good, kind considerate people. You are a nasty person with nasty words. If you have no first hand experience with them then keep your mouth shut! Hopefully one day some one will drop a house on you. My dog loves them they are recommended not only by Tom at Perfect Paws but also by Rocco and Jezebel, Sammi on Montague street, Vinegar hill vet, Cobble hill, VERG, also by many other dog walkers like Charlie and many more. So once again stop spewing your hate and stupidity on this site. This site is for real grown ups with real name and faces not Shadow Creeps like you!!!
    Henriette and Csaba if you have had the pleasure to read this blog disregard the morons who preach what they do not know. This neighborhood loves you very much. Rob

  • Heightsguy

    No good deed goes unpublished. There have been several bizarre and unstable people who work(ed) as dog walkers in the nabe, but ironically Monty Goo St. neighbor chose about the most professional, trained, responsible, kind dog walkers to pillory. I spoke to Csaba today about the “aversive conditioning” lie and he was upset. It is possible that Montague meant a coffee can with pennies as a negative conditioner when a dog nips or lunges. As says Rob above, vets, groomers, and clients all praise Csaba and Henriett.

  • Neighbor

    Montague St. Neighbor November 3, 2011 at 1:40 am #
    Bevacco is the new worst restaurant in the neighborhood. They are unbelievably incompetent, slow, confused and rude. The manager told us we were the first to complain and I had to argue with him to get him to comp something. Our entire side of the restaurant was miserable. As we watched the waiter scowl at each tip he collected as the section cleared out (our food took over an hour), it was clear that he had no idea why he wasn’t getting properly tipped. The manager claimed there were no problems and all the customers were happy. He didn’t apologize but instead said, “if there was a problem, I would know about it”. Did he apologize for my drink that had accidentally been mixed with dish soap? Nope. Did he apologize for the food taking over an hour? Definitely not. The people next to us waited almost 30 min just to get their credit card back. The people on the other side had an entire table of cold food and the waiter mixed up the checks so it took them equally as long to pay. I worked in the restaurant industry for years and I can say this was absurd. The manager took a glass of wine off the check, begrudgingly, complaining about us to the waiter while we were still sitting there. SO ridiculous. The only place with worse customer service is probably IKEA or the Brooklyn Home Depot. Don’t be fooled by their decor. This place should be closed.

    You seem to have negative thoughts just about EVERYTHING!
    Get a life!!!

  • Neighbor

    Montague St. Neighbor January 17, 2012 at 8:07 pm #
    I’m trying to find a home for my beloved (about) 5 year old cat who I’m terribly allergic to. She needs to be in a single pet household (she hates cats and dogs but loves people!). I will not take her to a shelter. I am committed to finding her a good home through other channels. She is sweet, snuggly and loving. She’s happy when you’re there and totally fine when you’re not. She just likes to find a patch of sun in the living room to curl up and sleep in :-) If you’re interested, or know someone who is, please let me know:

    The animal lover. Sad…..

  • Neighbor

    Montague St. Neighbor November 8, 2011 at 2:43 am #
    I gave the manager a very fair chance to correct the issues. He said I was the first person ever to complain (clearly untrue!). He didn’t apologize and was absolutely unwilling to admit there was a problem. I most certainly did not post without giving the restaurant a chance to correct things. If management doesn’t listen or care, then all one can really do is share the story. Writing about a bad experience with management is entirely justified. I’m 100% for small businesses, and definitely all for new/more/good restaurants, but I am not going to protect the reputation of a restaurant that completely disrespects its customers in the name of giving it “a fair chance”. I gave them a fair chance and they couldn’t have cared less.

  • Ralf

    To Montague Neighbor:
    I wonder if you have ever even met Csaba & Henriett?
    Seems like you formed your opinion based on what you have heard from other people and having read one book.
    I have been living in this neighborhood for 14 years and have seen both of them almost daily on the streets walking dogs, never have i seen them punish a dog or using any harsh methods while training.
    While that just covers observation, about a year ago, i became a dog owner and naturally was seeking them to walk my boy.
    Along that way, they gave me many training tips none of them included punishment nor were there any aversive methods recommended to me.
    So much for own experience!
    Now every dog owner that i know who uses them for training or walking speaks highly of them as well.
    So i have never seen anything, heard anything nor was i recommended anything, you described.
    But what i see and what i know, is that they are great with animals and care very much about each of their dogs, their observations are always on point even with little health issues.
    It seems to me that you might not even know Who you’re really talking about, nor What you’re talking about.
    But yet you decide to slander and hurt somebodies business by spreading disinformation through the internet.
    I think you owe them an apology!!
    Would be interesting to know what you do for a living, and if the poor judgement and questionable moral value you displayed in this case might be a flaw in your job.
    Hope nobody does that ever to you, and that you find another outlet for your anger, other then a community blog.

  • CG

    Montague Street Neighbor; I was appalled to learn of your passive/aggressive means of slandering Csaba & Henriett. I fully trust them with my dog. Your callus remarks could not be more grossly off base regarding their training methods.
    I am a 16 year resident of the Heights and have had my dog for 11 of those years. I am an extremely picky person, especially when it comes to my dog care. I would be the first to cut ties if I even suspected a trace of maladaptive behavior on their part; and they have never, ever given me reason to doubt their abilities and care of my dog.

    In fact, they go above and beyond to look out for the health of dogs, exhibited when they walked into my apartment to find my 11 year old dog violently ill. My dog might have died, if they had not rushed her (by foot a 15 minute walk, with a 23 pound dog to carry the entire way, since my dog could not walk) to my Vet; while I was at work. They did not hesitate to go the extra mile, during their busy work day, to rush her to the vet, staying in the vets office for hours with her and updating me at every step of the process. And they cleaned up the expansive mess (my dog had made) in my apartment as well, I mean…come on… they are incredible. This small example of all they have done for my dog & I throughout the years is evidence of their unending commitment to high quality dog care; and not the act of people who use harsh means. They are highly qualified as dog trainers and walkers and frankly in many matters canine related. They are consummate professionals and run their business with integrity and compassion. I have seen them work with severely troubled dogs, and rehabilitate them to be able to walk, socialize and play with other dogs. Thus, creating a much more healthy and happy life for the dog. They are reliable, caring, considerate (everyday leaving a note of happenings on the walk etc), wonderful people. They continue to adhere to varying rules of each building and respect our neighborhood.

    MS Neighbor , please self reflect on why you had the need to turn to the computer and write falsely incriminating words about good people. The influence of the web can be great and we all need to be accountable for our messages. Especially when they could dramatically impact someone. (and their livelihood)

    Csaba & Henriett can not walk one block in this neighborhood without a dog owner, client or neighbor stopping them to say hello & chat. This would not happen if they were anything but professional and kind people. I would be lost without their expertise and services.

  • Fulton Landing Dog Whisperer

    Dear Montague Street Neighbor, you may consider this a cease and desist order. Brooklyn Bugle, this is a takedown demand.

    “There have been cases where courts have taken up the gnarly issue of Internet commenters on news sites. Advance Internet settled a suit at the end of 2011 after The Plain Dealer in Cleveland ran a story that said someone using a local judge’s email address had commented on its site and others. And the Pantagraph of Bloomington, Ind., agreed to disclose the identity of a commenter who angered a local business.”

    Stop using this site to anonymously trash local businesses or the law will be upon you.

  • NYPD Animal Lover


    Montague Street Neighbor has been issued citations for animal abuse MULTIPLE times. Please someone rescue that cat from this abusive, cruel, and disturbed person.