Open Thread Wednesday 2/15/12

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

BHB Photo by Chuck Taylor

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  • Andrew Porter

    Hi, this is Andrew Porter’s evil twin. Don’t pay attention to anything I write here, because we all know the Other Wednesday Thread is the Real One.

  • davoyager

    What makes Beritbart tick? People of good conscience should ask this man and his like to just stop being so mean spirited What a maniac, I’m watching him on the tube right now. Sad reflection on America. Attack dog mentality. A Sorry spectacle that shows we haven’t evolved much in 10,000 years; and may not evolve any further than our present sorry state.

  • north heights res

    I recognize that this is a wholly illogical gripe, coming as it does from someone who parks her park on the street, but that huge piece of orange machinery parked in front of 161, taking up three spaces for months now, drives me batty.

    In a completely innocuous, barely grumpy-making kind of way.

  • GHB

    Any other dog owners notice that the shedding season never really ended this winter?

  • Gerry

    @ GHB you bet my small while dog has shed all over the living room never stops.

  • paul

    a new outpost of one girl cookies just opened in DUMBO, right near bubby’s. I had a blueberry muffin from there yesterday for breakfast and it was really tasty, although not quite as good as almondine, which makes the best blueberry muffins ever.

    a nice addition to the neighborhood and their scones are also really good.

  • Boop

    i’m a little peeved about a dangerous driver i encountered yesterday morning coming to the intersection of pineapple and henry streets. i was starting to cross pineapple, as was a blind man. a woman “driving” a gray audi q7 was rolling toward the intersection looking down. she literally rolled right into the blind man without noticing as i started yelling “Woah, stop!” she didn’t look up. i grabbed the man (did i mention that i will be 10 months pregnant next week?) and pulled him away. she still didn’t look up. i banged on her car twice to get her attention and she finally looked up. i was so fired up i didn’t know what to do, as i definitely should’ve gotten her license plate number and called the police. it’s hard to assume what would’ve happened if no one was crossing with the man…it appeared that he would’ve gotten hit, and she would’ve rolled over him, without even noticing. i hate to think this woman lives in our neighborhood and thinks it’s ok to text or not pay attention when approaching a busy intersection that always has pedestrians. as a neighborhood resident, i guess i just want others to be more aware and help each other should they encounter a driver like this again.

  • J

    I want to say thank you to the people who helped my kids and me
    on the street this past Saturday after I fell.
    Everyone was so very kind!!!
    Thank you for getting us home!! It meant a lot.

  • Hayley

    Does anyone know what is going in to the storefront where Haystack was? It appears to have been rented.


    Monroe Place has become a commuters’ free parking lot for Federal Enforcement Officers and US Attorneys who display their dashboard cards on our street parking on the illegal side without restraint, every work day. Permit abuse is an old story in the Heights. Various blocks have been abused over the years.
    The parking situation on Monroe Place is particularly bad. The street is blocked when a fuel truck is making an oil delivery. Emergency vehicles, especially fire trucks, would be prevented from doing their thing. Tradesmen and ordinary package deliveries are severely hamstrung.
    Yet, these Federal employees and their agencies take advantage of our free space. To make it worse, whatever happened to the 300 (three hundred!) parking spaces in the garage they promised during the new Court’s construction.
    Anyone have any suggestions about taking this up with the “authorities”?

  • ClintonStRez

    Question about Verizon FIOS work in the neighborhood —

    We got a weird looking flyer saying they needed to do some work in the back of our house. (One issue with the flyer was an AOL email address insteand of a Verizon account.) When I called Verizon, they could not confirm the work was actually occurring in the neighborhood and said it was probably a scam. Today we received a phone call from someone from Verizon “Engineering” swearing that the work is legit. Has anyone else dealt with this?

  • GHB

    Boop, thanks for the heads-up. I would have smashed her window. That would wake her up! Best of luck with the bambino

  • Matthew Parker

    Can anyone recommend a good ear, nose and throat MD, particularly in the ‘hood?

  • AmyinBH

    Boop, It is good that not only you were there to help the man, but that you too were not hurt. Sounds like the driver had a phone in her lap and was paying more attention to it than to her driving.

    More times than I can count drivers have come very close (12 iches or less) to running me over as they turn a corner without looking/while texting/talking on a cell phone/just not looking where they are driving.

  • AmyinBH

    Boop, It is good that not only you were there to help the man, but that you too were not hurt. Sounds like the driver had a phone in her lap and was paying more attention to it than to her driving.

    Would the police do anything if you were able to report her?

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    A few months ago I chased down a taxi that had gone through a full red light. The taxi stopped right across the street and out pops a woman and her two children. I yelled at the driver who looked at me like I was crazy. I cannot tell you how many times I have nearly gotten run over by someone going the wrong way on a one-way street, a woman eating an ice cream cone nearly cruising through a red light, etc. etc. etc.
    I am just as angry as you are!

  • Master Of Middagh

    My uncle James used to work in construction and he told me he’d carry a heavy lead pipe in his bag for just such an occasion as these dangerous drivers you all mention. Give ’em a nice dent or smash one of their windows up good for ’em and I guarantee they will NEVER pull a similar stunt. Why bother the cops? This is one scenario where self-help should be sufficient… :)

  • grumpy bert

    Looking for a dog trainer. Any recommendations?

  • Boop

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. I’m glad no one was hurt and hope the driver corrects her bad habits.

  • gc

    Grumpy Bert call Henriett at 808-450-0317. She and her husband are the best.

  • GHB

    grumpy bert, I agree with gc. Henriett is the best.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Grumpy Bert,
    I agree with the above posters and their recommendation.
    Henriett and her husband are fantastic.

  • grumpy bert

    I read from some older posts that Henriett moved to Hawaii. Is she back in the neighborhood?

  • Boop

    Also, I’ve seen the car (I think it’s the same one) parked in the neighborhood (near Henry and Pineapple) almost daily so keep an eye out!

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Grump Bert,
    They are back from Hawaii and living in the neighborhood again!

  • grumpy bert

    Fantastic! Thank you!…Willow St. Neighbor, GHB, gc.

  • Will Pill

    Last night I watched a Porsche drive right through the stop sign on Remsen to cross Hicks–the driver didn’t even slow down or pause. Fortunately for the jerk, it was a rare moment when cars weren’t zooming past.

  • GHB

    grumpy bert, good luck with the training. New dog?

  • Tony

    Is there a worse elevator in the western world than the one in the Clark Street Station? First, why am I waiting 2-3 minutes for an elevator? There are three of them. They only go up and down one floor, and they can’t possibly be in constant use because the trains don’t come frequently enough. Just yesterday, as I and several others waited for the herd to exit the elevator car, the doors slammed shut on us just as we were about to enter it, and had to wait a few minutes again. The other problem is the flip side: while we wait an eternity for the doors to close, passengers keep rushing into the car at the last second, the we have to wait over and over and over again for the doors to close. I want to scream every time.

    I’ve been living in this neighborhood for 23 years, and the elevators at this station have been under constant renovation, and have always royally sucked. If they can put a man on the moon …

  • MonroeOrange

    While the elevators at Clark street can be an issue when people enter at last second, I don’t think it’s just one floor (maybe one stop in elevator) but it is multiple stories underground, which may explain delay. I’ve lived in Bh for 30 plus years, and as a kid and adult I have nothing but love for those old steel boxes they call elevators!