Squadron-Connor Debate Liveblogging 2

8:26pm: Connor to Squadron: Trustafarian!

8:29pm: moderator bitchslaps connor for getting too personal. and I mean, really too personal. the audience started booing and hissing.

8:29pm: Connor to Squadron: Open your books! Who’s funding your existence?

8:32pm: Squadron not getting personal with Connor, won’t ask him about his Jeep Grand Cherokee paid for by campaign funds.

8:35pm: Connor supporters getting cranky, want Squadron off their lawn

8:37pm: Connor: I’m a maverick

8:38pm: Connor doesn’t kowtow to the tobacco industry. he wants everyone to know that.

8:40pm: Audience questions!
clearly, the audience is mostly Squadron supporters now. Connor supporters went home to watch rudy giuliani speak at the republican convention.

8:44pm: uh oh. someone asked squadron about eminent domain in atlantic yards. He doesn’t think it was used appropriately.

8:46pm: Connor looks tired. I think all that venom spewing earlier on really tuckered him out

8:49pm: whenever Squadron speaks, an old person starts to leak….sounds like hissing…

8:50pm: congestion pricing again…connor shows letter from april thanking him for supporting it yet no postmark,,,hmmm

8:54pm: Squadron: I am for congestion pricing, I was always for congestion pricing, and I always will be for congestion pricing

8:57pm: both Squadron and Connor love gay and lesbian people

8:59pm: Closing statements! finally…
Squadron: Change! Change! Change!
Connor: Experience! Experience! Experience! Can I go to the bathroom now?

9:05pm: Connor really, really hates Schumer.

9:07pm: Its over! wow, that was long

Update: Brookyn Paper recap of debate

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  • anon

    connor really.. really hates lots of people.. always has..always will

  • BklynLifer

    the live blogging actually captured the essence of the debate! congratulations.

  • nabeguy

    Qfwfq, this is brilliant. Sorry to have missed the actual debate, but this really makes me feel like I’m there. You’re the Stephen Crane of the blogosphere.

  • Jesse

    Since when are you allowed to bring documents to a debate? I think the moderators should have put an end to that after the first time. The way Connor was presenting evidence, you would think he was on trial. And the way he was yelling at the audience/moderator/Daniel, you would think he was about to lose his senate seat….

  • http://www.brooklynbackstretch.blogspot.com BKBS

    “bitchslaps”? Wow. I love the BHB and most of the content, but this is pretty offensive.

  • lep

    Squadron all the way!

  • http://www.eastvillagepodcasts.com East Village Podcasts Blog

    Outstanding coverage. This is what Murrow dreamed about.