Billboard Near BQE and Promenade Illegal?

Responding to our post about an illegal billboard that was blown down by last Friday’s high winds and blocked the southbound lanes of the BQE, a local resident noted that there is an illegal–because it is within 200 feet of a highway–billboard near Brooklyn Heights. It can be seen in the photo and from the north end of the Promenade quite clearly. Within your correspondent’s now fading memory, it has always advertised Apple products (the photo was taken in June of 2010, when the iPad was the latest gadget). Reader Andrew Porter forwarded the complaint to us, and to Brooklyn Heights Association executive director Judy Stanton, who gave the hopeful response, “If it is illegal it shouldn’t be hard to get DOB to enforce it.”

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  • epc

    I never really thought about it but it must be sitting atop MTA property (isn’t that the exhaust stack for the Cranberry St IND tunnels?)

  • David on Middagh

    Until this eyesore is down, I will buy no Apple products: not for myself, not as gifts, not software, not hardware, not tunes… nothing!

  • travy

    let’s form a mob and burn it down. we could hit the tutt cafe sign on the way back. coffee and cake at vineapple time permitting

  • Jay

    i am completely on board with the mob-arson plan

  • Gerry

    @ David, travi, and Jay I am with you lets get rid of this eyesore ASAP!

  • Knight

    Thanks, travy … my favorite post this week!

  • Andrew Porter

    What’s really offensive is that several years ago someone chopped off the tops of all the trees immediately in front of the sign because they were starting to obscure it from the view of drivers on the BQE. This was done in the middle of the night. I wonder who could have done this…

    I have a Mac, and the billboard advertises other products as well. And I know that David on Middagh has a Windows computer.

  • David on Middagh

    Andrew: Dump that old Mac! Get a Dell~!

  • Penny Bridge

    Hey Mob don’t forget the Fortune House restaurant sign!!

    What has really bothered me for years is the current Verizon sign on the Manhattan side of the BB.

  • Eddyenergizer

    The Verizon sign is on their building so it’s not going away anytime soon…