Fatality at Boro Hall Station

Police are on scene at the Borough Hall Station at Court St. & Joralemon St. where a person was struck and killed by a train shortly before 5:30 p.m.

Preliminary reports indicate that the person was not the victim of a crime.

Traffic on the 4/5 lines is stopped on the southbound side, and northbound trains are bypassing the station until further notice.

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  • stuart

    I must have been on one of the last trains that stopped at the station. I noticed a very disheveled man leaning on one of the columns on the southbound platform. I wonder if he fell in?

  • Cat

    The Manhattan bound platform was open when I went down at 6:30. Lots of cops on B’lyn bound platform. It looked like whatever happened the person had disrobed–clothes were strewn from one end of the platform to the other, shirt, pants, gloves, socks, shoes, jacket. I didn’t know there had been a fatality, but it looked very sad to me. Sorry to hear that someone died there.

  • WillowtownCop

    I saw a woman running in between cars on a D train as it pulled out of the Stilwell Ave stop a couple of years ago. She was on the phone, not paying attention, and she tripped and fell between the cars, which ripped her in half. It was definitely in the top 3 or 4 worst things I’ve ever seen.

    I’m sorry that someone died whoever it was but I hope it wasn’t an innocent commuter who was pushed by a lunatic – it would be so easy with everyone plugged into their iPhones, not paying attention. I stand back, and near a pole if possible to have something to grab onto, just in case. This weather has driven all the crazies underground, where they’re far more dangerous – at least if someone pushes you into traffic, you have a fighting chance.

  • Jorale-man

    Those are good tips WillowtownCop. I also remember reading somewhere once that you should shift your weight to your back leg when a train pulls in. If there is a dangerous person looking to push you into traffic, you have a better shot at not falling forward that way. But as you say, the safest thing is to be aware of your surroundings and not so immersed in your handheld device.

  • Elle

    I went down into the Borough Hall Station at around 5:45pm yesterday, it was chaos. The 4 train on the Brooklyn bound side was halfway into the station. The police were directing people off of the train onto the Manhattan bound side. It was rush hour….. it was chaos. They were yelling, screaming and pushing the crowd. It was a horrible scene to walk into. However, I guess their method was effective because everything was in order in a short time. Lucky me, I was getting on the 3 train.

    Be careful people please.

  • sheldon

    I was on that train… we had no idea until we had to evacuate. Shame.

  • Hillary

    I was on platform. The whole thing happend so fast and so very confusing. I was on the platform for about two minutes when a few people were saying there was a dead body on the tracks. But they really had to look down to see what they were seeing. I saw a guy take a picture on his phone. But it seemed everyone was confused . People who saw the body were saying dead body not that someone was unconscious. I still cant understand why the people on the opposite platform were not saying anything. It all happened very quickly. Then a man who went to look at what they were looking at said came back and said we have to stop the train. So he did see the body. Everyone tried to wave the train to stop. The train stopped but went over the body. It was so sad and happening very fast. Does anyone know any more about the person who died.

  • JT

    Why isn’t this story in the news anywhere? The only mention I’ve seen was in The Carroll Gardens Patch, which has a very different story of what may have happened. http://carrollgardens.patch.com/articles/fatality-at-borough-hall-subway-station#photo-first

  • Cat

    @JT, I saw that article, too. It reported that two “MTA employees” said the victim fell between subway cars. I don’t give MTA employees credence–they rarely know what is really going on. It doesn’t account for the clothes strewn all over the platform either.

    @Hillary, that sounds really horrifying. How sad. I wonder if it was the man that Stuart, above, reported seeing on the platform.