“Burglary! Burglary”: Henry Street Sign Begs for Alarm to be Shut Off

Mrs. Fink snapped this photo of a sign on Henry Street near Clark requesting that someone “fix or disconnect” their “alarm system” as it is “violating the peace and quiet of the neighborhood continuously.” No word on if this is a store, home or car alarm in question.

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  • Knight

    If they think the alarm is annoying, wait until the college kids get back to that corner!

  • Villager

    Maybe they are being robbed repeatedly.

  • Clyde Shuman

    Gee, and here I thought that Park Slope was the home to this sort of passive-aggressive nonsense.

  • Gerry

    Did you call 311 or even 911? A while back a car alarm was going off for hours on Montague Terrace and the police came to stick hundreads of dolars worth of tickets all over it.

  • here

    When ever you write Mrs. Fink I always picture an old white haired lady. Like your mom or something.

  • Sajh

    I had this problem once with a business where their alarm went off all night long. However instead of being lazy and putting a sign nearby, I actually walked the block, located the business and visited them when they were open to let them know. It turned out that the had a piece of paper that when the A/C turned on would flap and then trigger the motion sensors and turn on the alarm. Wasn’t their fault and after discovery they fixed the issue.

  • Luke C

    I suspect Michaeltowne Liqours. Now that their new advertising touts how valuable all their liquor is in 1450 pt font, the theives just can’t resist going again and again.

  • joe l

    It is actually the college dorm building itself. Everytome they open a side door to throw trash in the early hours the alarm sounds.