Open Thread Wednesday 12/28/11

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  • Bette

    Happy New Year all! Just wondering if anyone else is keeping an eye on the backyard behind/next to Andy’s Chinese restaurant on Henry Street, which seems to be devolving into an active junkyard. Perhaps they’re doing renovations but if not, it’s pretty ugly. Other than that – all is well in the nabe!

  • harumph

    I live on Pierrepont Street and our bedrooms face the back (towards Montague)…there is someone who plays a clarinet or a recorder EVERY evening/morning lately. Usual time is 4am. I don’t know if they are insomniac (they are making me one) or if they are taking out their dog and playing while they wait – it never lasts long – but it is so annoying. Anyone else hear this? It is like Squidward lives between Pierrepont and Montague.

  • Jorale-man

    Bette – I’ve noticed that mess in the backyard of Andy’s too. Not good.

    In other news, I see things are progressing with the empty storefronts of the building on the NE corner of Joralemon and Clinton. Any ideas of what’s going to move in there?

  • BerkeleyGrosvenor

    @Bette (and J-man), I would venture to guess the debris is from the work in the laundromat/car service spaces at 132 Montague. It’s my understanding that unanticipated building improvements are moving forward as the space gets prep’d for build out as a new restaurant/tapas bar. Likely, they’re stashing construction waste out back until they can get permission for a dumpster or a crew to haul it away.

  • AmyinBH

    The yard behind Andy’s always looked a little depressing. I haven’t notice the debris.
    I have noticed the stomach turning smell as I walk along Henry Street between Montague and Remsen. The ginko trees cannot be blamed this time of year. I can only describe the smell as dirty diapers. Huge amounts of dirty diapers.

  • bornhere

    Amyin — The awful smell is from the new soil and the nutritious go-withs put down along that portion of the Our Lady of Lebanon landscaping. The smell is abating somewhat, but it is still stunning.

    I may be making this up, but I recall that the Andy’s “garden” was to be a tribute to the building owner’s deceased son or husband (or both). In the past 20 or so years, it has really devolved. And while it should not come as a surprise, the nighttime rats there are … disconcerting.

  • AmyinBH

    bornhere, that is some strong fertilizer.

    Does anyone know if there are fireworks planned for New Year’s Eve in the area? I would like to be prepared for the noise.

  • AnnOfOrange

    New Year’s Eve fireworks will be visible from the Promenade according to a recent email from Brooklyn Heights Association. No other information was provided.

  • Eddyenergizer

    bornhere, you’re not making it up. The garden was a memorial for Mark and Irving Blincheck(SP?) Mark died in his mid 30’s from a heart attack. Irving his father died soon after… the mother (I cannot recall her name) set up the memorial garden in the back of the three buildings they owned. Marks sister Ann, had a chiropractic practice here for years but seems to have left the area.

  • PierrepontSkin

    I’m on Pierrepont between Willow and Hicks, and out MY back window (facing Clark) I am often awoken or disturbed by the clucking of [wait for it] CHICKENS. I don’t know how no one has ever posted about it before, but it is incredibly annoying. They aren’t roosters (roosters are illegal to own in the city, from what I know) but still manage to wake me up.
    Time to deep-fry these suckers.

  • AEB

    Now it can be told: every morning I’M awakened by weasels. I suppose it could be worse….

  • Homer Fink
  • AmyinBH

    Are clucking chickens more annoying or less annoying than a barking dog?
    Now I am curious as to what other farm animals are legal.

  • PierrepontSkin

    Now I feel bad. Kids are involved. I guess I can live with it. Thanks for the link @Homer.

  • Knight

    @Kitehz: it came with a set of tires.

  • AEB

    Kitehz, for the usual reasons: food, service and decor. Particularly decor.

  • EHinBH

    I heard that Pete’sDowntown is closing…

  • blerk

    Hold on. Great Wall is Michelin starred? What the hell? That place is a dump. Is that a joke? Why…

  • AEB

    blerk, yes, a joke, a running one at this blog.

    Great Wall has its partisans, but has come to stand here as a sort of culinary faux pas.

  • Andrew Porter

    Bette and others, apparently the trash heap behind Andy’s (no relation) is on private property, so nothing can be done about it through city channels. However, didn’t I read a post here on the BHB that there are plans for that, to clean it up and transform it into the outdoor seating area for a restaurant?

    The trash heap that is outside the fence next to Henry Street *is* subject to NYC trash regulations, and I believe the BHA — after I complained a couple of years ago — worked with the Sanitation Dept. to clean it up. And the restaurant promised (hah!) to keep it clean.

  • epc

    Pete’s Downtown (Water @ Fulton) has closed, movers were removing items yesterday.

  • Claire

    Pete’s was living on borrowed time– Walentas (who owns the building) told it years ago that its lease wouldn’t be renewed (at the time, it had 4-5 years left). Anyone know what will be replacing it? Another highrise under the Brooklyn Bridge, perhaps?

  • rerun ruzie

    We’re looking for recommendations for a financial advisor. Local is great but not necessary. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Monty

    I recently had to swear off Great Wall despite my love of their fried eggplant in garlic sauce when I check their DOH inspection reports. The last 4 reports all indicated live roaches in the kitchen.

  • Heightsman

    Pete’s was so mediocre for such a great space.

  • GHB

    Monty, don’t be fooled… lots of the finest restaurants in New York have roaches (and worse) in their kitchens.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    I am sure that lots of restaurants have roaches but I would never set foot in one that was given a bad rating by the DOH.
    As far as Pete’s Downtown goes, the pasta was not bad but once we ordered a pork dish and it was disgusting. We never went back.

  • EHinBH

    PLEASE: Let’s all say NO to a bubble in BBP.

  • Knight

    Monty: it’s the places with DEAD roaches in the kitchen that you REALLY have to worry about!

  • Andrew Porter

    Rerun ruzie: I’ve used Jill Michele Epstein of UBS for a dozen years. She used to live on Poplar but now lives in Cobble Hill. When everyone was losing their shirts in the great Recession, the worth of my stuff fell, but came back. I think if you Google her…