A Whole Lotta Meh: 30 Henry Street Renderings Released

Brownstoner reports today on the release of the renderings for the proposed new building at 30 Henry Street. News of the new structure broke recently with word that CB2’s landmarks committee has given its OK while the BHA had asked for a more contemporary design after seeing preliminary renderings. Also, the the new complex will boast a waterfall.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission is scheduled to review the design tomorrow (12/20).

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  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/13189502@N02/ Eddyenergizer

    I like how they kept the firefighters cars parked on the sidewalk…

  • tb

    What is this Homer thing attached to all the posts?
    Also, I hope *meh* means 750k for a 3 bed. No?
    Ok then.

  • Jorale-man

    I’m not sure about the meaning of “meh” but I actually think it’s a fairly handsome building if the rendering is accurate. The key is that it should be brick and not some cheap immitation exterior.

  • Jen

    Yes! Love the firefighters cars on the sidewalk, nice detail.

  • stuart

    Oy vey! Comfort Day’s Inn, Peoria.

    Can we get some architecture with a pulse here please?

  • bornhere

    A whole lotta meh and a hefty dollop of feh. But almost anything would be better than Ace Wire…..

  • AEB

    …but better than what it will replace. Which has the very limited charm of the utilitarian.

  • David on Middagh

    Ah, but Ace Wire is only one story high. If we’re going to give up airy light and visibility, and maybe create windiness at that corner, can’t we hope for better than not-a-cheapo-exterior?

    I think the rendered trees on the Middagh side are a fake-out. You can’t have both firefighter sidewalk parking and trees.

    The window boxes are do-able, but they would further squeeze the narrow pedestrian corridor between the side of the building and the firefighter sidewalk parking. I speak as someone who is sometimes thankful that the Ace Wire Brush building has no protrusions on that side!

    Meh: Mildly expensive housing
    Feh: Frightfully expensive housing

  • chris

    Perhaps the waterfall is to drown out the helicopter noise.

  • AEB

    Wait–“the plans call for underground parking.” So if that occurs, it’s only one’s civic duty to provide parking for the fire guys gratis, thus freeing up the sidewalk on Middagh.


  • EHinBH

    I’ll take Meh. It’s clean, nice looking, and new. And, a heck of a lot better than the awful Eagle Building which is getting graffeti sprayed all over it. Would be nice if there was a store at ground level, but then again, nobody ever seems to rent stores here!

  • Gerry

    @ Chris – good one about the helicopter noise! LOL

  • harumph

    Dull, ugly and fake. Why can’t something be developed here that is nice? Look what they have accomplished with the fake brick looking facade on the building on Clinton and Joralemon…a whole lot of ugly.

  • C.

    Hilton Garden Inn Milwaukee?

  • Knight

    I thought “meh” was a Jewish expression for not being impressed! If they put in a waterfall, the firemen (& others on that block) will be getting up to pee three times a night. That will make an impression.

  • http://AskMaryRD.com Mary Hartley

    Meh is right. Why so boring? No money? Some regulation? Don’t know a good architect? Where’s the grace? That building is not worth a second glance.

  • nabeguy

    I wonder if they’ll re-use the TO LET FLATS sign behind it to sell the apartments. Now, that would be the historically correct thing to do. And speaking of being HC, part of the “meh” factor is due to the lack of imagination of architects in the use of brick, which they do to maintain historical context . Give ’em plenty of glass, and I’m sure they’d go wild but would never get approval.

  • BH’er

    Ugh! is more like it! They could at least put in some ornamental brickwork and a recessed upper floor.

    Also, is there any ordinance for commercial space on the street level? What’s in it for the neighborhood?

    Also, nothing’s worse than those fake “balcony” facades.

    That frankenstein needs to sit back from the street a bit more. It looks like an over-sized building squeezed into an under-sized lot.

  • http://j lori

    I think it fits the location. Let’s hope it gets finished quicker than 20 Henry. Then we’ll get more kids for PS 8.

  • mlo

    Upper portion not so bad ifits brick but the horizontal lines on the lower stonework are modern looking and the street level window boxes will be decorated wih a combination of wet and semi dry dog piss at all times. How much does one pay for that special feature?

  • Pillager

    Stanton of BHA previously said,
    “With regard to 30 Henry Street, it is a gateway site in the Heights, and one that cries out for a distinctive and much more contemporary design than was shown to the BHA last week.”

    I can only imagine what they were originally shown that was less distinctive.

    Nice gateway building. Take the first exit off the Brooklyn Bridge, stay to the left, go through two lights passing the generic building on your left. Welcome to Historic Brooklyn Heights.

    What waterfall? Must be inside for the residents. Big ef fing whoop…

  • Knight

    Pillager: maybe the waterfall is under ground … we called that a storm drain in my old neighborhood!

  • Villager

    I pity the fool that likes this building.