Brownstoner Gives Brooklyn Heights Reno the LookeyLoo

Brownstoner looks inside the very sweet reno at 69 Joralemon Street and it’s quite impressive:

Brownstoner: The risk-taking decor by Brooklyn-based interior designer Jennifer Eisenstadt might be called ‘bold traditional.’ Taken individually, she says, “Most pieces are fairly traditional. It’s the combination that makes it interesting.” Like Coburn, who often works in a modern mode, Eisenstadt is versatile; she doesn’t have a specific style. “I try to give clients the best of what they’re looking for,” she says, “and help articulate their tastes and visions in cohesive ways.”

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  • AEB

    Much of it very beautifully done. Nice to have buckets of money so that every detail can be properly attended to, he said without a trace of envy….