La Traviata in Brooklyn Heights – Kaput?

BHB reader “Jeff” send us this observation:

Comments: Looks like La Traviata on Montague Street closed suddenly — lights are out, “Closed” sign in window, menu gone from street board, some fixtures (flat-screen TV) gone from front wall, phone disconnected.

Can you guys check it out?

Indeed, the phone is disconnected and they are no longer listed on Seamless for delivery.

Great loss for the neighborhood?

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  • Elliot

    I lived in BH for many years. I moved to Manhattan. I’ve missed BH for many reasons, La Traviata not among them.

  • Greg

    I just tried to call them to place an order for delivery and was told the line was not in service. Great shock as I’ve known the place for like close to 30 years. Food was pretty good and they were reliable. Fast deliveries too. Oh well, first Regis and now the Traviata. Too bad.

  • hiro


  • hiro

    the grand canyon restaurant on montague st.’s manager has stated that they are indeed not closing.
    sorry for any misleading information stating otherwise.

  • Victor Rivera

    I came to eat breakfast yesterday and this morning at the grand canyon and the servers have told me the store is not going anywhere. The staff has introduced me to the owner who has confirmed the establishment is not going anywhere. I knew this was just a rumor that was started ever since traviata closed down.

  • John Dimitriou

    I have good news for Zach Burch. The Grand Canyon will not close.
    My family and I have ate in this store for many years. We come for lunch and breakfast every weekend. I like those blts a lot myself.
    I happen to know the manager who comes in the early afternoon at around 3 saw him say hi to the employees. I approached him and asked him out of curiosity is Grand Canyon closing and he says no, we would like to dis-spell the false rumors of us leaving we will continue to stay and serve the community we are not ready to go anywhere don’t worry he says we are staying. Let me know what you think of the good news.

  • Mona

    This is a great loss to anyone who’s lived or visted the BH area for many years (lets talk when there was a GAP, Banana and bookstore within steps from the La Traviata).

    Maybe not to you midtowners who could no longer afford your Manhattan rent and fine dining restaurants that recently moved to BH.


  • Sheila

    Some of you are so hateful..Why would you be glad to see a bussiness in Brooklyn go under. Smh

  • Victor Rivera

    I had an awesome breakfast in the Grand Canyon this morning glad to see they are not going anyplace, great breakfast for a very cheap
    price and the morning staff is the best they have in the area merry Christmas Canyon to a very friendly and helpful crew.

  • Victor RIvera

    In the interest of being fair Iam sorry traviata left, food use to be really good until it changed within the past 9 years. I use to come with my girl from sunset its sad that the workers will half to look for jobs.