Brooklyn Heights Resident is New MTA Head

Wall Street Journal

Joseph Lhota, appointed by Governor Cuomo as the new Chairman of the MTA, is a Brooklyn Heights resident.

The Wall Street Journal: Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, tapped Mr. Lhota, a 57-year-old Republican who lives in Brooklyn Heights, to run the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, a giant agency with shaky finances that controls two commuter railroads, the New York subway and bus system and a host of bridges and tunnels.

Mr. Lhota’s appointment must be confirmed by the New York State Senate. If confirmed, he will take over the troubled agency, and join another Heights resident, David Yassky, Chair of the City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission, as a principal player in the City’s transportation scheme.

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  • Mr. T

    Gerry, how do you know I’m white?

  • Mr. T

    Point is, that playing the race-card is below the belt, Gerr. Snobby white people shouldn’t do that, Gerr. It shows a lack of class on your part, Gerr.

    Just heard that Michele Bachman’s entire New Hampshire campaign staff quit today. What do you think about that, Gerr?

    Hungry yet?

  • Jorale-man

    Jeez, who let the crazy out on this thread? The MTA has some serious problems that merit a substantive discussion but somehow this devolved into Fox News. Come on, folks. BH can do better!

  • T.K. Small

    I am sure that Michelle Bachmann has taken some form of mass transit somewhere, at some time. Therefore, she is fair game to receive all forms of ridicule and biting comments.

  • GHB

    Mr.T, I pity the fool that thinks you’re white!

  • Mr. T

    I hate self-righteous, condescending snobs. And I hate Race-Baiters, no matter what color they are. I want to knock them all out.

    I also pity Mr. Joseph Lhota for taking on a horrible job. No amount of money could make that job worthwhile. It is a lost cause. The game is stacked in favor of corruption. It will never change.

    As far as Michele Bachman? What a putz.