Towns Won’t Debate Powell or Old Man Take a Look at My Life, I’m a Lot Like You Were

The Brooklyn Paper has offered neutral turf for debate to Rep. Ed Towns and his opponent Kevin “The Real World’ Powell in the race to represent the 10th Congressional District.  Towns has refused according to the paper:

Brooklyn Paper: Town’s won’t debate…: “It’s certainly not because we’re scared, or the congressman is scared,” said Towns’s spokeswoman Lupe Todd. “If Powell wants to talk about ways to improve the district, that’s one thing, but if he’s calling on a debate simply to stand up and pontificate, than we’re not interested.

“We will debate,” Todd added, “but we will not have a back and forth with him about his false allegations about the congressman.”

Experts say Towns has a good reason for avoiding a debate against a newcomer who has less money, less name recognition and less of a record. The reason? Keeping the race as quiet as possible.

“Towns wants to make sure that no one pays much attention to this race,” said political consultant Hank Sheinkopf. “If he and his opponent are on the same stage, he’ll have to answer questions about his record. If they aren’t, he can control the discussion.”

And now a Canadian explains it all:

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