Emergency BQE Repairs Involve Lane and Entrance Ramp Closures

This in from the Brooklyn Heights Association:

Dear Neighbors:

Starting tonight, Furman Street will become a two-way street while the DOT assesses and repairs a cave-in to a catch basin on the eastbound right lane of the BQE where it passes Grace Court.

The lane closures will be only at night as follows:

The right lane going eastbound past Atlantic Avenue will be closed from 10 PM to 6 AM.

The BQE ON-RAMP at Atlantic Avenue will be shut down from 10 PM to 6 AM.

When I spoke to the NYC DOT, they did not know whether the cave-in was due to the weekend rain, but they said that the damage was not too great to bear the weight of traffic during the day, and they have plated the road surface around the cave-in.

There will be Traffic Control Agents to help in re-routing of traffic, and it does seem to me that closures are being timed so as not to dump heavy traffic on our local streets.

Community Board 2 has also asked the DOT to place variable signs on the highway to make things easier.

The repairs could take days or even weeks, and we’ll let you know when things are back to normal.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy a nice Labor Day holiday!

Judy Stanton, BHA Executive Director

P.S. Please remember that Monday, September 5th is also a vacation day for the Sanitation Department, so please hold back your garbage until Wednesday. If Monday is your recycling day,please hold back your recyclables until Monday, September 12th. Thank you!

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  • homersdad

    we heard the jackhammers begin around midnight tonight. the traffic cops on old fulton street seem to be making things worse not better, but they aren’t helped by the body shops, all three which park multiple cars on the sidewalks, in front of hydrants, and yes, even on the road dividers. we look forward to when those are planted, and the crosswalks are painted (if not preciously laid with paving stones like our friends got it over in dumbo), so the tourists can finally start enjoying our neighborhood again!