After #Irene: A Walkabout in Brooklyn Heights

Devastation on Henry Street, AM NY box askew. Note upright and full garbage can.

Qfwfq and I took a walk around the neighborhood around 1pm today to survey the hurricane…errrrr… TROPICAL STORM damage. From what we saw, the downing of the Mansion House American Elm was by far the most dramatic.

We noted some stores who taped their windows and experience some wind conditions. Photos and video after the jump.

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  • Chuck Taylor

    brave work there, homer! i’ve got all sorts of photos around brooklyn heights posted on cheers! hang tight.

  • Rerunruzbekistan

    I walked by Plymouth Cafe and thought the same thing. Your photo
    tag cracked me up!

  • nabeguy

    Re: Plymouth Cafe. I saw a lot of businesses do the same thing on the Main Street out here in the sticks to keep water out but they were in a flood zone. Someone should maybe remind the owners of the PC that the Heights isn’t called that for no reason.