The Homer Fink Show Live 8/15/08 at 4pm with NYS Senator Martin Connor

Today LIVE at 4pm on The Homer Fink Show  — NYS Senator Martin Connor will be the guest.  The three decade incumbent representing the 25th District is facing what some are calling the fight of his career against upstart Daniel Squadron in the September 9 Democratic primary.  Regardless of the outcome of that election, Connor will still face Squadron in November, who has the endorsement of the Working Families Party, as well as GOP candidate John Chromczak.

There are many issues to discuss with Connor on our show including Brooklyn Bridge Park, the need for a middle school in Brooklyn Heights/DUMBO, parking permits and more.  We will be taking your phone calls during the live webcast at 4pm at (718) 506-1475.  BHB contributer/superblogger Claude Scales will be Homer’s co-host.

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  • Stan

    Ask him why Schumer is such a petty know it all.

  • Publius

    First time listener, never time caller here. Loved the show. Marty came across quite well, IMHO.

    Will “Kid” Squadron be booked for a future show?

  • nicky215

    Marty is a hack – a progressive hack.. an election lawyer and clubhouse pol. Lets get a progressive without all the baggage

  • Publius


    Care to enumerate the “baggage” you smear? It’s easy to call someone with a lot of experience and tenure a “hack”. How about some examples?

  • nicky215

    Marty’s wife has a patronage-r job earning more than his state senate salary. He has earned more than $650,000 as an election lawyer while doing his state senate job part-time. His own collegues threw him out as leader .

  • Publius

    When you consider that State Senators make only $79,500 year, and that they need to frequently travel from their district to Albany at least once a week, meaning the State Senator job is far from a part time job. When you consider that our NYC City Council members, which is also supposed to be a part time job, make $112,500, and they get to sleep at home every night and don’t need to travel on a regular basis, why do you begrudge Conner the right to make extra money if his job is supposed to be part time?

    Does anyone actually think that we’ll get quality state legislators by paying them less than $80k a year? Is his wife not allowed to work?

    Come on.

  • nicky215

    Yes Daniel Squadron will work full time.
    He will not use his power to get his wife ( when he has one) a job as a law secretary- in the patronage laden brooklyn supreme court.
    Face it marty is a hack
    Last comment

  • bornhere

    I have no dog in this fight — I’m not sure I will support Squadron, and for oodles of reasons, I know I won’t support Connor. But the arguments of Nicky215 are ridiculous. My father served as a state legislator for a decade, would go up to Albany on Sunday and return home on Wednesday or Thursday. During that time, he maintained his law practice. I don’t think that’s an unusual scenario, and I don’t think it demands an apology. And from what I know about Squadron, it would seem that the fact that he will work “full time” as a senator might come as something of a shock to a young man who can afford not to “work” at all right now. So to argue superiority based on full-time/part-time status might open a less than reassuring can of worms for Squadron. And not seeking a “patronage job” for his future wife doesn’t do much to impress — if he can afford not to work now, maybe the chump change he will earn as a legislator will ensure his wife won’t have to work, either. Issues will be a more compelling argument than finances, Nicky.

  • Beavis

    Squadron is a Trustafarian with ZERO experience. Check out the huge campaign contributions he’s received from his Dad’s well connected buddies. Who will Squadron be working for? His district or the hedge fund managers who have donated tens of thousands to the “kid’s” campaign so he can print glossy brochures.

    The defination of a hack politician is “a politician who belongs to a small clique that controls a political party for private rather than public ends.”

    hmmmm. If the shoe fits, the Kid’s a hack in training.

  • nicky215

    I couldn’t help but answer- Marty is a hacks hack using the school board and the brooklyn bridge park project as patronage for his friends. He is the man that gave away our public waterfront to developers for a few bucks contibution to him and his friends. Thirty years in office and what has he accomplished?. Are you on the payroll?

  • Beavis

    I notice that you didn’t answer any of the allegations/facts I posed about Squadron. You just repeated your slur. Perhaps you’re on his sizable payroll financed by his Dad’s buddies?

  • nicky215

    again.. 30 years in office what has he accomplished …answer that beavis on the payroll

  • nicky215

    beavis on the payroll bye i cannot do this any more I have a life