Spooked in the Heights

The New York Post has a haunting story today about one Brooklyn Heights resident, who lives in the presence of one of the 20th Century’s most notable authors:

NY Post: Ghost Story: In 1927, legendary horror writer H.P. Lovecraft wrote a tale of evil in Brooklyn called “The Horror at Red Hook.” It was inspired by his apartment, the soul of which he once described as being “something unwholesome, something furtive, something vast lying subterraneanly in obnoxious slumber.”

Nellie Kurtzman knows how he feels.

Kurtzman now lives in that apartment – actually located on Clinton Street in Brooklyn Heights, not Red Hook – and says that the spirit of the maniacal visionary is both pervasive and not entirely welcome.

“I feel like H.P. Lovecraft is associated with creepiness,” says Kurtzman, a children’s book marketer. “Everything I know about him is fairly creepy, so every indication he’s around is creepy.”

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  • senor salsa

    That’s awesome! Love that term. Poltergasm.

  • AliG

    This is spooky…
    Vinegar Hill – Admiral’s Row

  • bornhere

    AliG- Thank you! Fabulous link. Exceptional pictures/history, all around.

  • Andrew Porter

    Wow! Maybe I should bring over my British Fantasy Award (a charming little statue showing Chthulhu on a pedestal) and see what the ectoplasmic resident makes of it…

    Or Maybe Not…