84th Precinct: We’ve Got Hurricane #Irene Covered

This just in from the NYPD’s 84th Precinct:


In regards to of Hurricane Irene and her impending hazardous effects on the New york City Area, the 84th Precinct would like to inform our community that the precinct will have adequate police personnel on duty throughout the duration of this storm. Members of our Community are reminded to limit travel to absolute necessities to avoid injuries from rain and strong winds which can cause large amounts of flying debris. Whenever possible try and store proper provisions such as food,water,batteries,flashlight ,etc.

Please take the time now while the weather is calm to survey the exterior of your home or business such as rooftops, backyards , frontage for any loose objects ,debris that may easily become airborne and cause injuries. Please take proper precautions by securing or removing to interior for duration of storm. Please make sure that all fire escapes and emergency exits are free of debris and kept clear in case of emergency.Monitor the news channels for frequent updates and instructions as the storms intensity/direction can change in a moments notice. Members of community are reminded to utilize the 311 system for all non emergencies and the 911 system for all emergencies to maximize effectiveness of resources.

Also, be advised that public mass transit will be greatly effected by the hurricane and the MTA is expecting the possibility of service to bridges, tunnels, buses,trains to be interupted or shut down as hurricane progresses up through Mondays Rush hour.As per recent report Gov.Cuomo has ordered a system wide shutdown of trains and bus service effective 12:00 pm Saturday August 27, 2011 in regards to hurricane.

The 84th Precinct in conjunction with the NYC Office of Emergency Management and volunteers will have an Emergency Shelter for anyone in need during this storm. Please take note of its location and some of the Emergency telephone numbers listed below:

Evacuation Shelter (New York City Technical College (Gymnasium)
285 Jay Street (between Tillary Street & Tech Place)
Brooklyn N.Y. 11201 718-260-5104

84th Precinct (Telephone Switchboard)
301 Gold Street (between Tillary Street & Tech Place)
Brooklyn N.Y. 11201 718-875-6811

** Please forward to anyone in our community of interest as this will be of a great help.**

Thank you for your time and attention as always.


Deputy Inspector Mark DiPaolo
Commanding Officer

84th Precinct
301 Gold Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201

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  • TB

    “affected by the hurricane”

  • Andrew Porter

    Anyone ever noticed how many newspaper boxes are around, not attached to anything? Also, lots of kid’s toys in the playground at Middagh and Columbia Heights. Garbage cans, both city and private. All that loose sand at that playground. Planters in front of so many houses.

    I’m staying inside tomorrow.