Red Cross Seeking NYC Volunteers for Hurricane #Irene

This just in from the NYC Red Cross:

The Red Cross is calling on our core volunteers—people with Red Cross training—to assist in the City’s shelter operations. If you are a trained Red Cross volunteer and can assist this weekend, please call 212-875-2068 or email
If you are a New Yorker who is trained in one the areas below and you can assist in the aftermath of the storm, please consider signing up as a volunteer at

· EMT/Paramedic
· Nursing
· Mental health

Thank you for helping the hurricane response!

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  • Jeffrey J Smith

    Mental Health Professionals?

  • marco cappelli

    I am an Italian musician based in Carrol Garden, Brooklyn. I don’t have any specific training in medical assistance, but have been volunteering in several occasions after earthquakes in my home country. If you need my help I would be glad to join a group of volunteers. Please contact Marco Cappelli, 347 610 6478

  • Mary O

    Marco, if you would like to be a response volunteer trained for future disasters, sign up on to start the process.

  • Ike

    I too would like to help if needed: mikecapz at

  • mimose

    I am a pharmacy student and I’ve been trained in disaster preparedness. I would like to help while I’m in New York for vacation. email me if you need me

  • rich


    I am not a trained red cross volunteered but I have earthquakes, tsunami experience as I was in Indonesia. I would like to help with all my possibility. I also had a training for first aid. could i still join? what should i do?

  • Homer Fink

    If you’d like to help read the post above and use the phone or email contact info provided.

  • Villager

    I don’t know how much of your help I would want if you can’t think well enough to follow the instructions posted and/or to think that posting your contact info on a blog will actually lead to anything. I’ll take my chances and go it alone.

  • Carol

    Wow villager funny,but true!

  • Villager

    are you kidding me?