Vineapple Wifi Policy Short Lived

Vineapple owner Pooja Raj tells the NY Post that the cafe’s 1 drink per hour of wifi use policy is no more:

NY Post: “The only reason we tried it was because people were camping out and getting free Wi-Fi,” said owner Pooja Raj.

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  • Monty

    I’m a little surprised the NY Post found this newsworthy. Either way, it seemed like a pretty reasonable policy. I hope they stay in business because it’s really great neighborhood place. I think I will hit them for bagels this weekend, in fact,

  • promenadelover

    i agree that this info is pretty NON newsworthy. the owner is smart to have made up a rule like this. how are small businesses supposed to make it these days? i say MORE POWER to VINEAPPLE! i love going there.

  • lori

    For a new business that I was hoping could weather the storm, there sure has been a lot of controversy about Vineapple from the very beginning. I’ve heard she’s there rent-free which is her only hope for survival.

  • promenadelover

    wow. that seems a little harsh lori. i’ve actually heard more positive comments than negative ones on this place. certainly doesn’t help to have people being negative about it.

  • LM

    If you open a cafe that provides Wifi and work tables, you really shouldn’t be surprised when people settle down with their laptops to, uh, work.

    Increasing the number of drinks people have to buy was never going to increase cash flow by that much anyway. Here’s a better idea, and one that’s a bit obvious for a cafe: FOOD. Not sad greasy muffins that sit in the case for days — fresh, delicious food. Like, for lunch. Those laptop workers need a meal — that’s a way to generate income and good will at the same time.



    Buncha haters.

    I love Vineapple. And I just had a grilled cheese there that was fresh and delicious.

    I’ll take a friendly staff like theirs any day over all the snooty establishments in the area. So they’re working their kinks out, sue them.

  • promenadelover

    yay vineapple.

    5 stars!!!!

  • Heightsguy

    I went into Vineapple today at 12:30, looked at the list of sandwiches, and the person behind the counter said “we’re out of sandwiches”. Now it was smack in the middle of lunchtime, there was scarcely anyone there, how could they not have one sandwich of any kind? Not encouraging.