Pooches Beware of Poison in Cadman Plaza Park

We thought that this post from “Sad Neighbor” on last week’s Open Thread Wednesday deserved another look. Pet owners take heed:

BEWARE: A friend of mine had taken her dog to Cadman Plaza Park (entrance at Cadman Plaza West and Clinton Street off of Tillary). There was an opened bag of Rat Poison. She did the remedy for her dog and hopefully and most likely the dog will be fine. However she did call the city and also went back and removed the bag. Please be advised that there may be sprinkles of the rat poison on the lawn there… without any signs stating that rat poison has been put down. Very careless act…so please CURB your dogs!!!….

The only thing I was told is that the owner had seen it on the entrance on Cadman Plaza (closest to Clinton Street). There is another entrance that is on Tillary but I am sure it was close to the first entrance I just mentioned. Also she did call the city and they were going to look into this and she removed the bag.

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  • AnnOfOrange

    Thanks for spreading the word.

  • Mickey

    I hope she didn’t give her real name. The way the Parks Department operates, they’re likely to show up at her home and give her a ticket for illegally removing park property.

  • Christine

    Thanks….I will spread the news around Dumbo too

  • Jack

    There are signs at the Clinton Street entrance regarding the dropping of rat poison (and have been since last week).

  • carlotta

    Is the poison just at the entrances? Are these ‘bags’ different from the hard plastic boxes they’ve used for quite some time? Is there danger to children playing in the park?