Park Corporation Issues RFP for Hotel-Residence Complex at Pier 1

We noted earlier that the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation announced its intention to issue a request for proposals to develop a hotel and apartment complex in the area between the landscaped Pier 1 and Furman Street. during August. BBPC has wasted no time, issuing the RFP today. The proposed complex may look like the rendering shown here (image from Brownstoner).

Crain’s New York Business: The new development will be made up of a hotel with somewhere between 170 and 225 rooms and a 150- to 180-unit apartment complex. The selected developer has the right to build up to 514,000 square feet. The project will also include parking facilities, park restrooms and park support facilities. Responses to the request for proposal are due Oct. 24.

The Crain’s story quotes Chris Havens, founder of Creative Real Estate Group, as saying the hotel business in Brooklyn is “strong,” and predicting that the RFP will attract “many respondents.”

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  • David Murray

    How will this complex affect the view from the Promenade?

  • David on Middagh

    Knocking down the old warehouses cleared up the view; these should reblock the view, and more.

  • David G.

    To be fair, these specific buildings will be blocking the watchtower building’s view. It’s east of Middagh street, so the promenade is in the clear.

  • Sylvester

    Any bets on 2 Tress not getting the bid?

  • David on Middagh

    David G., I think that you are talking about the Manhattan skyline. (I am talking about the Brooklyn Bridge.)

  • Diane at Whitman

    Remove the BQE and create vertical hotel/housing in it’s place!!!

  • Sylvester

    Yes, we all almost forgot about the BQE replacement. What a mess.

  • Claude Scales

    DoM: I think the hotel building will be slightly less tall than the National Cold Storage Warehouse building that stood on the site before, as shown on the photo second from the top on this post. If so, it will partially obscure the view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the north end of the Promenade. If it’s no higher than the partially demolished National building, as shown in the top photo in that post, it may not be so bad.

  • AmyinBH

    Is there really a need for a hotel in Brooklyn Heights?

  • Gerry



  • PJL

    Yeah, not like there are any tourists around….

  • Anon

    Squadron and Millman had a chance to kill these buildings, along with all the other park housing – but they didn’t. Money from developers was too great. The real estate developer who lives in the Heights, some guy who was also head of the park Conservancy, and who owns Hudson Company, held a fund raiser for Squadron this year. Money talks.

  • PJL

    Trying to look on the bright side: at least all of the tourists who traipse through our neighborhood might now patronize local businesses/contribute to the local economy more if they’re staying here….