Explosions, Errr, Fireworks Tonight Courtesy of Some Lame Private Event

Tonight’s (8/4) fireworks are courtesy of some lame corporate event at the South Street Seaport according to Newyorkology:

Aug. 4 – sometime between 9:45 and 10:20 p.m.
Pier 16 at South Street Seaport; Sponsor: Unidentified private event managed by Legacy Marketing Partners

The display may have something to do with GE’s exhibit of its solar powered carousel, ummmm “carousolar” if you will.

Did they interfere with the movie at Pier 1 tonight?

Our pals at Gotham SideWalks just tweeted that the fireworks happened after the movie.

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  • BH Resident

    Fireworks on a weeknight—-really? I would appreciate not having the stress of feeling as if we are being bombed, after the stress of a long work day.

  • Josh G

    I think the movie had just ended.. perhaps the fireworks were for Fievel

  • AEB

    “Lame” indeed! Can we please put an end to these tired, Mickey Mouse display-ettes, which nonetheless make one feel suddenly under siege? Yes? Good!

  • bornhere

    I do not understand the response to fireworks. Although I think some of the private uses are a bit silly, I think that if you have lived here for more than a year, you know they are a part of the “tone” of the neighborhood — and they are infrequent and short-lived. And if you truly think you are under siege or being bombed, you need step away from the overreaction.
    Please — stop complaining about what has been a part of the Heights soundscape for decades. Are our lives so fragile that everything slightly out of the ordinary has to be deemed an assault?

  • David on Middagh

    I like the fireworks. I do understand the position of those who think that 10 PM on a Thursday is the wrong time to pull a barge up to the park and start firing. Although only five minutes long, this display was close enough and loud enough to set off a car alarm on Columbia Heights. I saw a whole family watching with fingers in their ears.

  • AEB

    Not all traditions are worthy of honoring nor need to be preserved. In my opinion.

    Except the BH tradition of (relative) peace and quiet!

  • Villager

    10pm on a work/school (ok, it’s summer vaca) is too late.
    If you don’t have kids to be woken up and wanting to run outside to see and then you have to send them back to sleep disappointed and confused about not being able to run out to see them, then you just won’t understand.
    Liken it to fireworks going off at 8am on a Saturday morning after a night of binge drinking.

  • Hicks on hicks

    We were walking our dogs along the promenade and felt privileged to witness fireworks up close and without crowds. The fireworks were over by a reasonable time. Stop your whining.

  • harumph

    I’m with @Villager. Crazy loud. Woke the kids up who wanted to sprint to see it…sigh.

  • Wrennie

    I would just like to know when they’re happening so that I could actually go enjoy them. I spend the first minute wondering if it’s thunder, the next minute in fear that my building is going to explode, and the next few minutes arguing in my head about whether or not I can get my act together in time to run down there and see it. Then, after I decide that I won’t be able to make it, I spend the remaining time wondering if they’ve had enough yet.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    I was in bed with a headache. There was a flash of light outside my bedroom window followed by something that sounded like an explosion.
    I could have done without all of that at 10PM.

  • AEB

    By the way, did anybody other than me notice a very brief power outage–or so it seemed–last night post-fireworks?

    Radio (or whatever they call it these days) went off, then came back on about two seconds later.

    I’m at Hicks and Middagh…..

  • Bornhere

    AEB — Yes on the “dip.” It momentarily knocked out street lights, and even the Brooklyn Bridge was affected. (I’m at Henry and Joralemon.)

  • David on Middagh

    AEB, I didn’t notice a power outage on my corner, but there may have been one on Pineapple between Hicks & Henry (as reported to me at the time by one of the commenters here, whose computer popped off).

  • Wrennie

    AEB, I had the opposite–my lights got super bright for about 5 seconds and then went back to normal. (Hicks and Clark.)

  • GHB

    It was the 4th of AUGUST for chrissakes, not July!!!

  • JAFO

    The surge blew my AC breaker.

  • epc

    Power dropped and then spiked, kicking off our UPS & surge suppressors around 10:15 or so. The lights on the bridge completely powered off and then slowly sparkled back after a couple of minutes.
    Someone in “DoBro” also tweeted that their power blinked around the same time.

    ConEd is showing a partial outage affecting one customer in Boerum Hill, unclear if that’s related.

  • AEB

    Thanks to all for confirmation of my momentary power loss. I hallucinate so often these days…well, I’m sure you understand.

  • Mickey

    I had the same experience as Wrennie & epc, only it cost me a halogen bulb! It got very bright and popped. Then the surge protector on my TV kicked in and shut that down. I felt lucky because it’s a lot easier & cheaper to replace a lamp bulb than a wide screen TV.

  • Sal D

    ^white people problems

  • Michael

    Actually, my light bulbs impacted have a slight pink tone to them – not white. Gives them more of a relaxing glow.

  • http://www.flashlightworthybooks.com Flashlight Worthy

    The conversation has died down here but just for the record, the fireworks were very much enjoyed by the thousand(s) of people and small children in the park for the movie. They went off the moment the credits started rolling and were really quite lovely. At the end everyone started applauding.

    For the person who said they were 5 minutes, I suspect they were quite a bit longer.

    For the person who witnessed people with the fingers in their ears, I was surrounded by hundreds of people and were a LOT closer than anyone in Brooklyn Heights and they were not especially loud at all. No one had fingers in their ears. Maybe the noise carried over our heads and into the neighborhood?

  • Mickey

    Sorry, Sal D, but ConEd screws us all equally.

  • Knight

    @Sal D: you have to be kidding us! Take a walk with me down the Fulton Street Mall any day of the week & let’s see what race of people are buying high-end electronics … and paying CASH. Then try to tell me that a blown halogen bulb is “white people’s problems”.

  • WillowtownCop

    I didn’t even notice them. I also have never noticed the helicopters that everyone gets so upset about.

  • DrewB

    I thought they we beautiful. Bring them on. One of my favorite things about my apartment is seeing surprise fireworks. Granted that10 PM may be a bit late for some, but lighten up people. When I moved here in 2000 there were easily three times as many fireworks displays in the summer. I wish there were more now!

  • BronxKid

    Had the power outage/surge on Henry & Pierrepont, too. Ligts and TV went out briefly and then came right back on. Lasted maybe 2 or 3 seconds.

  • Teddy

    I also experienced the power dip. A/C went off briefly, TV also went out. I had my laptop plugged in, but of course it has a battery to keep it going. I’m curious why there was no mention of it on the 11pm news. It looks like brownouts are not important enough.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlsiLOnWCoI Arch Stanton

    ^Why on earth would the news mention such a trivial thing? Get real.