DOT Proposes Safety Changes for Pier 6 Access; Meeting at LICH Thursday Evening

Read about it on CHB.

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  • Monty

    North side of Atlantic is BH. Cobble Hill can’t take Pier 6 from us!

  • Claude Scales

    Agreed, but the changes also affect Columbia Street south of Atlantic, the meeting is at LICH, and the announcement was by Brad Lander, who represents Cobble Hill. Besides, I hadn’t posted on CHB for a while.

  • Jaques

    What is with that scary homeless guy under the BQE ramp at Atlantic Avenue? He is nuts.

  • EHinBH

    That homeless guy must be nuts — because it’s loud under there and it’s full of bird crap. I saw him on Monday afternoon and thought he looked like a crazed loon.