Squadron’s Camp Responds to Push Poll Controversy

Well, we’ve got a “turkey” of denials regarding the alleged telephone “push poll” that was reportedly conducted by somebody running for the NYS senate seat representing the 25th District last week.  Josh Kriegman from Daniel Squadron’s campaign writes to BHB, “The campaign has not engaged in push polling and will not do so.”

So either BHB King of all Commenters Nabeguy is completely wrong about being push polled or something is a little off-kilter here.  Connor’s camp denies it, Chromczak denies it and now Squadron denies it.

In the meantime, take the BHB “faux push poll”.

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  • nabeguy

    I might as well deny it too. At no time did I ever receive a call regarding the candidates for State Senator. Wait a minute, I just remembered something…they also asked if I knew the name David Yasskey….hmmmm.
    By the way, who came up with the name “push poll”? No doubt Bill Clinton.

  • Homer Fink

    nabe – I’m not taking the bait on that one BUT we know Yassky reads the BHB so David if you’re out there, feel free to deny.

  • epc

    First push poll is believed to have occurred around 44BC, by one J. Caesar who asked “Et tu, Brute?”

  • nabeguy

    Hey Homer, I’m just telling you what they asked. No implications intended. By the way, where’s my crown?

  • Homer Fink

    Don’t know, but maybe this guy can help you since he’s looking too:

  • Truth seeker


    Why don’t you just ask each campaign to devulge how much they have spent on polling and when their polls ran? That’s not top secret information that would compromise any campaign, so a refusal to provide it would pretty much give away the push poller. The more straightforward the question and the more factually based it’s answer must be, the harder it is to dodge it with a general denial.

  • Truth seeker

    p.s. GREAT Lilly Tomlin picture! A classic.