Did Anyone Notice the Closing of Dallas Jones BBQ on Atlantic Avenue?

Walking down Atlantic yesterday, I noticed that the Dallas Jones BBQ was closed forever.   We gave them a shot when it first opened and they never really impressed.  What sort of new biz would you like to see move into that space?  Nail salon? Bank?  Dry cleaners?  Ahem….

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  • Homer Fink

    @wrennie – you’re thread hijacking, please use open thread for off topic conversations.


  • EHinBH

    I agree we need a bar. I am hoping that the Bossert will be bought by a good hotel group and they will open a great lobby bar and restaurant. I think it would do great.

    Also — Forgot who mentioned — but we do have a great butcher in the hood. Right on Clark Street. It’s called Heights Prime Meats. Not a huge selection, but it’s good.

  • Lauren

    What is being put between the sprint store and cafe buon gusto on montague st? They have been working on it lately.

  • PierrepontSkin

    @Lauren, probably another optometrist or real estate agency. Let’s be real.

    @Heights Mom, maybe it was just us young ones who liked it, but I was a frequent flyer at John’s. Cheap and yummy slices, delicious beef patties. At least Fascati’s is still around. I, for one, think Monty’s was a lame addition to Montague St.

  • Wrennie

    Sorry, Homer, my original post was meant to be related (in terms of what to put or not put in that empty storefront); my second was to defend against ridiculousness. Consider it dropped.

  • bornhere

    EHinBH – The hotel-bar idea really appeals to me! I’m getting to the point that, if going out essentially replicates what I do at home with family/friends, I just as soon stay home. But your idea is something very cool. I know that there are younger BH dwellers who might not love it, but as Vineapple is to them, this might be to me and the other whatever-somethings. Likely won’t happen, but good idea, nonetheless.

  • sunshinebk

    Heights Mom- Lassen and Hennings is not a cafe… it’s an over priced “deli”, CT muffin is essentially a coffee shop. It would be nice to even have a place like an “Eata Pita”.

  • Heights Mom

    LOVE the idea of a hotel/upscale bar at the Bossert. Maybe the rooftop bar once again? Am I the only one who thinks this would be a huge moneymaker and can’t understand why someone hasn’t snatched up this property?

  • AmyinBH

    I too remember John’s and I liked the pizza. It was the only place near my apartment where I could buy a slice, take it home and it would still be hot. The day they closed was a sad day for me.
    It would be nice to have a fish store with a cafe on Atlantice Ave. A real pub would be nice.
    The problem is rents are high, the economy is low and in my limited experience people seem to think every store/restaurant/etc. in BH is overpriced. How can a small business survive?

  • Wrennie

    @Amy–good point about pizza never being warm when you get it home. I always have that problem with Fascati and I’m very close to there.

    As to small businesses surviving–I think it may be especially tough in our neighborhood not only because some may be overpriced but also because we don’t really have a reputation for commerce of any type. I do think that small businesses in general are dependent on drawing customers from surrounding neighborhoods. For people in their 30s and late 20s, Brooklyn Heights isn’t really a hip place to spend an evening–and I’m not even talking about people in that age bracket who act as though they just graduated from college. Colonie has been a great addition–I wouldn’t mind another something-or-other with that general feel.

  • sunshinebk

    a hotel bar would be great !!!!

  • Wallard

    @PierrepontSkin and @AmyinBH, the hole-in-the-wall Heights Falafel place on Henry Street (between Siggy’s/Promenade car service and Fascati) is run by the very capable pizza counter who worked nights at John’s. Stop in and say hello!

  • zburch

    No surprise there, we lived in Memphis TN many years ago and were excited to have bbq nearby when they moved in. After trying them twice and being disappointed twice we stopped ordering. Not enough pork fat in the greens. It was like French people were trying to cook southern USA bbq and it didn’t work.

    I agree that a fish market would be most welcome. When Petite Crevette was on Atlantic we would get fresh fish from them on occasion, but would really love to have a nice proper fish monger.

    Or, I would LOVE an authentic Southern style “meat and 3″ restaurant. Grits, fried okra, bbq, country fried steak, green beans, collards, fried chicken under $15 mmmm.

  • http://loscalzo.posterous.com Homer Fink

    What about a co-working space like:

  • Hungry on Atlantic

    How a ’bout a Chinese carry out? That did well in that space for years. Need to have Crispy Duck on the menu.

  • bklyn20

    If you liked their pulled pork sandwich (that and the onion rings were the only thing I ever got from there) Trader Joe’s pulled pork is pretty good too. I tried eating in there (Dallas Jones) a few month ago and it was not an entirely positive experience, although the pulled pork was still good. They were also very difficult about which credit cards they would take and they had an allegiance program related to ordering online, which I never quite figured out — and am glad I didn’t, judging from the virus post above. I wish the Vietnamese sanwich place would comeinto that space, or a place a la Cranberry’s with good takeout for the park would be great, too.

  • IB Farley

    Another Hagen Daz. Ice cream for the kiddies. Also a good business for the dentists.

  • Publius

    I’m with Bklyn20: We need a Hanco’s in the Heights. I’m amazed no one has yet opened a little Vietnamese sandwich/bubble tea shop. Hanco’s on Bergen and Smith rakes it in.

  • C.

    We need a New Orleans cajun food place with crawfish boils year round.

  • PierrepontSkin

    @Wallard, thanks for the tip! I honestly had no idea that was even there. I’ll definitely check it out.

    @bklyn20, my folks and I had the Trader Joe’s pulled pork a couple weeks ago. Really awesome stuff. I highly recommend it.

    How about a good Mexican joint that isn’t Chipotle (though I do love it)?

  • Wrennie

    PierrepontSkin, we are definitely in need of good Mexican. I generally don’t like chains at all; not to mention, there’s a nutrition calculator for Chipotle on the internet somewhere, and no matter what you do, you’re looking at about 5 days worth of sodium in one meal. It’s gross.

    I love Calexico. It wouldn’t make sense for them to open so close to their place, but something like that would be great.

  • Matthew Parker

    Reminder that Calexico has a cart at Pier 1 through late October. They are there from around 11am-7pm. it’s my thrice weekly lunch go-to, and I see they doing a nice dinner business. With the chairs and tables close by and the view of the harbor, it’s not a standard cart dining experience.

  • A

    It’s so incredibly frustrating that there are all these great places just outside of the Heights, demand for them in the neighborhood, but is the commercial real estate simply too expensive to attract smart, savvy businesses? How can Montague, Henry and Atlantic compete with Smith Street or 5th/7th Aves in Park Slope to attract restaurants and shops. If nothing else, a well-reviewed restaurant will be able to capitalize on all of the tourist business from those wanting to come to Brooklyn but not delve too far into the borough. Look at the lines for Grimaldi’s. If anyone can open a great restaurant on Montague St, it will be packed. Is Pier 6 going to drive substantial foot traffic down Atlantic?

    And yes, please open a lobby/rooftop bar/restaurant in the Bossert. A high-end hotel bar with that roof view would be a great addition to the neighborhood.

  • Wrennie

    @A, do we really want tourists being a significant part of the business, though? I certainly don’t. Tourists make everything un-hip. I don’t think any self-respecting New Yorker goes to tourist enclaves looking for a good time.

  • Alec

    The spot where Dallas Jones BBQ was should get a picnic-themed store for BK Bridge park – a place that sells sandwiches, drinks, beer, blankets, towels, beach gear, sports gear etc.
    And god knows Montague St needs its own dive bar a la Floyd’s – or something that has a few pool tables or ping pong – but it would need a ton of space, like the entire floor above Ann Taylor.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @C, a cajun place? I’m all for it, but the tender tummies in this neighborhood freak out over spices.
    no one mentioned it, but the real reason why Dallas Jones failed was there already was very good bbq on Atlantic, Petes! duh.

  • x

    A Maoz would certainly do well here imo.

  • Biffadonk

    i ordered there reguarly and liked it. until something better comes along, it’s a straight bummer.

  • bklynnate

    I want a Union Market in BK Heights

  • http://www.ryanmichaeljones.com Ryan Michael Jones

    That’s so sad about Dallas Jones.My wife and I were talking to the owner during late winter and she told us she was struggling. We wish we could have helped her…and that she could have held out for the foot traffic going to the park…* did something creative to tap it.

    As for the Oh My Pasta moving onto Montague, let me just say OMP, somebody shoot me. The owner(s) of that building need to post here and receive a thorough comment flogging.