Pier 6 Roof Deck Opens Saturday with Beer and Wine; Party Thursday

The roof deck of the building in the newly opened part of Pier 6 will open for the first time this Saturday, June 18. On it, Bark Hot Dogs will be vending their usual fare, along with beer and wine. The roof deck will be open for the rest of the summer on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until midnight.

Next Thursday evening, June 23, from 7:00 to 10:00, the Junior Committee of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy and Bark will host a rooftop happy hour on the roof deck at Pier 6. Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Admission includes one hot dog, two cans of Sixpoint craft ale, and an “entry to win some fantastic prizes from Bark.” (You may purchase more food or drink, if you wish.) To purchase tickets in advance, go here, put in $20 times the number of tickets purchased in the “amount” space and, in the “organization” space put “rooftop.”

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  • Josh G

    Looking forward to the Junior Committee’s event; it should be a really great time!

  • Alanna

    There’s a roof deck at Pier 6? where?

  • Josh G

    Hi Alanna – it’s near the beach volleyball courts in the newly-opened section of Pier 6.

  • Marron D

    Can’t wait for the JC event!

  • Alanna

    So excited!! this will be awesome!

  • Billy Reno

    $20 admission does not constitute a happy hour by any stretch. And what’s all this about Six Point in cans?! Did I, perhaps, fall down a rabbit hole or is this actually happening?!

  • harumph

    @Billy – get out of that hole! Been drinking the Six Point in (tall) cans for a couple of weeks now – delicious!

  • Alanna

    I just like that its outside.

  • Monty

    I just visited the Pier 6 concession for the first time since they opened. I have to say WTF were they thinking inviting a hot dog spot and a grilled cheese spot when neither of them serve anything appropriate for kids? I mean, this is the biggest, nicest public playground I have ever seen in the world and then you pick two places that are like caricatures of Comfort Food Movement where the most basic grilled cheese costs $6.50 and has pickled onions. I needed a snack and a drink for my toddler and found nothing appropriate. They don’t even sell juice or milk boxes. Ditch Plains at Pier 1 has great mix of grown-up and kid-friendly treats. It’s not so hard.

    I will hold out some hope for BB Perk which had a “Coming Soon” sign in the window in the retail space just next to the parking garage.

  • Jorale-man

    I just came from the Pier 6 rooftop hot dog stand. I have to say, I enjoyed it. Yes, it was on the pricey side but the veggie dog was a generous size and well cooked. The mix of beers and sides like baked beans and coleslaw were all good for a warm summer afternoon too (not to mention the views of NY harbor). All in all, a pleasant experience.

  • Monty

    I’m sure the food tastes great, my point was that it’s kids food aimed exclusively at adults despite being adjacent to a giant playground filled with kids. Ditch Plains has grown up food, but $3 will get you a plain hot dog, pb&j or mac and cheese. There was nothing equivalent on offer at Pier 6.

  • Huh???

    Monty – I don’t get where you’re coming from at all. First of all you totally ignored the fact that in addition to the grilled cheese and hot dog guys, there’s Uncle Louie G’s Ices and Blue Marble Ice cream – both very kid friendly. Also – what’s more kid friendly than a hot dog? So Bark’s hot dog is $4 instead of the $3 ditch plains dog that you seem to be ok with. Bark’s is also organic ( i believe) so that should justify the extra dollar. Also – there’s a plain “classic” grilled cheese that’s only $5.50 and does NOT come with pickled onions.My 3 year old had one of those and loved it. There’s probably alot of things that you could criticize this park for, but not being kid-food friendly at pier 6 seems like an odd choice.

  • T.K. Small

    I am very pleased to learn that Bark’s has vegetarian hot dogs. Unfortunately, I could not get upstairs via the (probably very expensive) ramp, which was gated and padlocked shut. On the gate itself, there was a sign that indicates that people wanting to use the ramp should call one of two telephone numbers. When I discovered the tantalizingly close ramp, I was rolling around independently and, since I cannot dial my cell phone by myself, I decided to call the telephone numbers after I got home. Later in the evening I called both telephone numbers. One was to a cell phone and I got the answering message, which sounded like it was the private number of someone. The second telephone number didn’t even ring and, after a brief pause, simply gave a busy signal.

    For the people who have been reading this blog since last year, you probably recall the “Great Gravel War of 2010″. Frankly, I do not have the time or energy to take on another such battle. However, I think that the Brooklyn Bridge Park must do better to ensure access and enjoyment.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Monty, does everything have to be appropiate for your kid?
    your child is the center of your universe, not everyone else’s.

  • Mickey

    Most parents pack snacks & juice boxes for toddlers as sure as they used to take diapers along whenever they left the house … largely because most young parents can’t afford to pay concessionaire prices everywhere they go.

  • mlo

    The roof space was small and hot and you have to share tables with families with young children who are hot & tired and whiney becasue they’re really hot & tired. Its so hot because there’s virtually no shade anywhere in the entire park from end to end. Pier 6 has the childrens playground so there are hundreds of children and they were just having melt downs everywhere. I love children but it would be nice to have an adult space and a sepearte family space.
    Also I would think a rooftop bar on the water would have a better view- I was really surprised at how sucky it was & I was disappointed. Only the tables along the far wall have a view. It felt very closed in to me- I was really disappointed with the look & design or lack of. The workers were friendly & nice and the beer was fresh & cold. Also the bose speakers are awesome.

    I’m grateful for the park don’t get me wrong but I just feel like some of the ideas are not so ideal.

  • Arch Stanton

    If you wait till the kids gets hungry enough the’ll eat anything.

  • Monty

    I wasn’t trying to sound mad, just confused. I mean, why alienate an enormous base of customers by not selling juice boxes? And @mlo, the kids pretty much clear out by 5:00 or 6:00 at the latest and there’s going to be several more acres of park opening up further away from the playgrounds.

  • mlo

    Hey Monty- yeah I get that- I just guess for now the usable spaces feel a littel cramped at height hours. Like I said I don’t dislike kids but my experience wasn’t a relaxing afternoon in the park-
    Aside from the sprinklers there’s no real shade – there was no where for those poor kids to cool down

    and why did they put the wine bar right next to the payground features and not a bit further away. Have a bigger family style concession close to the palyground- Again the one that’s there now offers limited table & chair seating

    I know there’s more to come- I just hope it makes sense

    I really do appreciate having use of the waterfront space

  • mlo

    The volleyball courts are awsome- its nice to see so many people using them –