Doggie the Cat – Found!

Doggie—the cat whose disappearance brought us all together, as we huddled around the radio awaiting news—has been found. Apparently he (she?) was discovered in a neighbor’s attic, by workers who saw its tell-tale paw prints. You may all resume your regularly scheduled lives.

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  • Claude Scales


  • misterbones

    Apparently he (she?) was discovered in a neighbor’s attic…

    I’d like to learn a bit more of the how this cat survived and/or found its way into the attic.

    For one thing, did the cat subsist on mothballs?

  • val

    Oh, thank God!

  • Claude Scales

    My friend Peter Myers’ cat Molly survived for two weeks under similar circumstances:

  • sunshinebk

    Oh my god thank god !@!!!!!

  • Buggs Bunny

    If he/she could only write a book.

  • AEB

    Cats are good on survival, I’ve found. One off mine hid behind a fridge for almost a week before I found him.

    There had been a fire in the building, so….

  • Linda

    I am a cat lover and I am SO relieved that Doggie has been found.

  • Patti O’Kane

    Thanks for the update on Doggie. It’s lovely to get good news on neighbors & beloved pets, to offset the Police Blotter!