State Street Brownstone Up for Sale at Very Nifty Profit

The NY Post reports on a State Street brownstone, purchased at for $16K in 1967 that’s now up for sale for $1.895 million smackers:

NY Post: Mildred Furiya, who is listing her 19th Century townhouse at 299 State Street for sale at $1.895 million, said the neighborhood now is a lot different from the gritty area she and family moved into 44 years ago.
When Furiya, her late husband George and their two daughters left their cramped Greenwich Village walkup for the spacious four-story townhouse, the block was a hangout for vagrants and a boarding house across the street was home to a group of prostitutes.

Now it’s full of upscale families with young professionals with children.

“We came because this is where we wanted to be, and we knew it would some day be a fantastic location,” Furiya said yesterday. “We were the first generation to come in and buy.

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  • Topham Beauclerk

    Oh my, prostitutes. We wouldn’t want any of those.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Hard to see how she was the “first” generation to buy, when it’s a 19th century townhouse. But I do admire her healthy sense of self-importance.

    This house isn’t in the heights anyway. But I’m sure there were plenty of houses bought here for not much more than $16k in the 50s/60s, pre landmarking, that have sold for way more than $2 million in recent yrs

  • Wrennie

    Does it drive anyone else nuts when people (I suppose mainly brokers) pretend that Downtown Brooklyn or Boerum Hill are Brooklyn Heights?

    Concord Village? Not Brooklyn Heights.
    85 Livingston? Not Brooklyn Heights.

    So irritating. Court Street in general is just pretty gross; I almost feel embarrassed when people come to see my neighborhood for the first time and get off the 4/5 at Borough Hall. It’s a bunch of gross fast food chains and people loitering around aimlessly. The east/west divide on Court Street is so drastic.

  • Wrennie

    Actually, neither the post above nor the NYPost article called this address Brooklyn Heights. I just ranted for no reason. =)

  • John Wentling

    Does that row of brownstones have some special designation, seems there are plaques mounted on several of their facades.

  • Demonter

    In 1967 an ice cream pop cost .10 cents and gasoline was .19 cents a gallon. I made 2 bucks an hour at a part time job and that was considered a very good wage for a kid. By 1973 a one bedroom walk up in the North Heights rented for $230.00 a month. Things change….

  • Jorale-man

    I know what you mean @Wrennie. I often meet visitors at the Clark Street or Montague St. subway stops rather than Borough Hall, even though that’s closer to my home. What’s interesting is how nice State Street becomes again once you get past Smith. The brownstones have stayed in remarkably good shape almost over to BAM.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Whatever the circumstances, I suggest they cash out…and then
    get into something more stable, like gold or precious metals*,
    Non GMO foods/seeds or, well, a case or two of “hamburger helpers” to keep theil loved ones safe.

    *providing the bankstrers/NGO’s dont decree 99% taxation or outright confiscation. Both very high likelyhoods…

    But they better cash out asap…see whats happening last
    few days in Greece? (and “our friends” in St Moritz had to have
    an ARMY to protect them this year)