The Brownies Were Delish and Now They’re Brooklyn Heights Promenade Flowers

BHB photo: C. Scales

The Brooklyn Eagle reports on the wonderful benefit of the Promenade Gardner’s Bake Sale on June 4 – love-er-ly flowers!


Brooklyn Eagle: The hiring of [Jonathan Landsman] was made possible, despite continuing budget cuts at the Dept. of Parks and Recreation, thanks to the Promenade Partnership’s agreement to fund half his salary. The money came from local events, like the bake sale and from the well-known generosity of Brooklyn Heights residents.

Of course the transformation of the Promenade Gardens couldn’t have been achieved so quickly and successfully by one gardener alone. That’s why the Partnership’s greatest success may be the recruitment of the Promenade Partnership’s corps of avid and loyal volunteers. These dedicated men and women put in two and a half hours of strenuous work every Tuesday morning, preparing the soil for plants and then getting those plants into the soil. And that’s in addition to weeding, pruning, mulching and all the rest of the glorious grunt work that goes into creating a first-rate garden. And baking for the annual bake sale.

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  • Michael

    Thanks to all who have helped make the promenade looks so nice.