9/11 Widow, Steve Buscemi Speak Out Against Closing Engine 205

Marianne Fontana, whose firefighter husband died in the World Trade Center, gave an impassioned speech against Mayor Bloomberg’s planned closure of fire companies, including Engine Company 205, at a rally in front of the firehouse at 74 Middagh Street early this evening, as did actor and former firefighter Steve Buscemi. Videos after the jump.

Others who spoke at the rally were Elizabeth Crowley, Chair of the City Council’s Fire and Law Enforcement Committee; State Assemblywoman Joan Millman; City Council Member Stephen Levin; and Brooklyn Heights Association President Jane McGroarty. Representatives from the offices of Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez and State Senator Daniel Squadron were also present.

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  • Jeffrey j Smith

    I was atthe rally and it was great. The speakers very good and the story of the 911 widow touched everyone. But the range and quality of who turned out for the rally was the real standout. We had a full range of Heights people attend. Academics, govt employees/retirees, literary and finance were all represented. People now get it..this IS a very serious matter.

    But for us to go foward, it seemed to me, a broader more well, innovative program is needed. Something like practical signs
    on a long term basis in the City hall area, cars with signs
    work great, banner hangs at key high visability spots in
    Manhattan and the boroughs. Sticker campaigns. Flyers with
    sharp messages flooding politcally sensitive neighborhoods.
    ALL of these have sucessfully reversed administration(s)
    policies over the years in city after city.

    Then to win you’ll need to touch issues which everyone in
    power wants to remain buried. Then there is a real penalty
    for their actions. Luckly the issue of the huge amounts of
    assets most city govts have hidden, the CAFR’s, is just the
    ticket. (Google the term CAFR’s and you’ll see)

  • Andrew Porter

    Speeches got more impassioned and, I think, briefer as winds got gustier and bits of rain started spattering down. Ended abruptly when heavens opened up and a forest fire-quenching downpour began. Judy Stanton and other BHA Governors were also present. Hard to hold onto my protest sign in the wind.

    I cannot believe that with the construction of so many high-rise office and apartment buildings in the surrounding area, esp. in DUMBO, this closure is on the books.

  • PJL

    Is there a petition/website where we can show our support?

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    PJL: If you’re on Facebook, you can “friend” “Save Our Engine (Middagh Street)”; otherwise, go by the firehouse on Middagh between Henry and Hicks and ask one of the firefighters. I’m sure they have a petition you can sign. Also, e-mail Mayor Bloomberg at http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/mayor.html

  • PJL

    Thanks, Claude! Done and Done. Hope others are doing the same.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Anyone know what prompted the response of co 205 and others to the corner of middagh and hicks on Sunday night?

  • David on Middagh

    Cranberry Beret, one of the responders told me it was a malfunctioning oil burner. They seemed to get it under control quickly.