Rally for Engine 205 Tomorrow Evening

There will be a second rally to save Engine Company 205 in front of the firehouse at 74 Middagh Street, between Henry and Hicks streets, tomorrow starting at 6;00 p.m. Elected officials, firefighters, neighbors, Community Board 2 members, and maybe the odd celebrity or two will be on hand.

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  • Jeffrey j Smith

    EVERYONE should show up at this rally.

    It’s like the head of the uniformed EMS union openly said at the City Hall rally last week. If there was just less STEALING in city agencies and programs, the city would have all the money it needs To fund public safety services, police, fire and EMS (et al) to full strength…

    And when did it become a standard of public life that the first legal obligation of “our” city Government is DEBT SERVICE? Not fire, not police or EMS, Debt service…The service on The debt has now risen so much that it’s a huge parasitic item on every year’s budget…

    And the issue of how much actual cash and assets the city has which do not appear anywhere on The openly released budget still remains unexamined. (Google the term: “CAFR’s” and see…)

    I see, so I and my family are now going to receive much lowered public safety services so that “business as usual” in this city can continue to go on?


    Everyone take the time to attend this rally. By attending You are not only supporting a local fire House…

    You are standing up for the restoration of some sanity in our civic life in this city and by example, everywhere in this country of ours..

  • Andrew Porter

    I hope to be there today, but current forecast is for strong thunderstorms coming through about that time. Bring an umbrella…

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    I attended the rally. The crowd, dispite the forcast was great.
    The speeches were good but the Quality of those attended
    was the standout. We had a real full range of backgrounds
    attend.I saw people who I know have academic, government
    (state dept etc) finance and well, you name it, they were all at
    the rally. Even when the rains finally came, people went under
    street overhangs and continued to interact. People are allerted
    now and really understand the danger and the injustice of what
    is being attempted.

    Keep it up, but now consider a wider range of better tactics.
    Small continuous displays of signs near city hall, Banner
    hangs at the most visable and (for officialdom) less than confortable locations. A basic sticker campaign…all of these
    have been successfully used many times to make administra-
    tions to reverse course.

    Best of all…touch an issue that the financial world wants
    kept buried. Then, there is a real penalty for what they
    are attempting. And the issue of the CAFR’s is exactly
    the kind of issue they dont want touched. They dont’
    have budget for public safety services like fire? Really?
    (Well, just google “CAFR’s” and read…)