It’ll Be a Scorcher, Today and Tomorrow

This from NotifyNYC:

The National Weather Service has forecasted the heat index to exceed 95 degrees today June 8th and possibly 100 degrees tomorrow June 9th. Additionally, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation has issued an Air Quality Health Advisory for the NYC Metro Region from 2PM to 10PM for June 9th. In response to these conditions, NYC Cooling Centers will be open on both days. Visit or call 311 for locations and details on these advisories.

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  • Matthew Parker

    Oy, I’m schvitzing.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    All you have to do is turn on any scanner (police/fire radio) and
    listen to what heat REALLY does-how MANY people end up in emergency rooms, or worse, due to heat. Normal, healthy people in their 20’s can easily become statistics. Worse, you see elderly and very elderly people waliking around in the worst mid day hours of heat with no head coverings in the sun..

    Heat is no joke…always protect against undue heat exposure and always remain WELL hydrated.

  • Andrew Porter

    Well, it ain’t Paul Giamatti, but here’s another one-time BH resident on the weather today: