Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian/Bike Path to be Painted

As part of the ongoing renovation of the Brooklyn Bridge, the pedestrian and bike path will be painted, starting at midnight tonight and finishing (we hope) at noon tomorrow, Thursday, June 9. Brooklyn Bridge Outreach sez: “While the [path] remains open, DOT would like to encourage as many regular bridge users and commuters to use the Manhattan Bridge if possible, for your own safety and convenience and for the safety of our work crews.”

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  • DiebytheSword


    I read this too fast and thought the pedestrian/bike lines in Brooklyn Bridge Park were going to be painted. LOL

    Well they should!! The path in the park on the weekend is just as dangerous as the path on the bridge.

    The paths in the park are only designated at the beginnings/ends.
    This leaves a huge stretch of the paths wide open. And the idea of Pier 6 as a shared path… right next to the kids park brilliant!

    The rumbling strips on the connecting path is genius too! It doesn’t slow people down!, they just ride right into the pedestrian path.

    Everybody moaned about the Sun at Pier 6 waiting for the ferry, but isn’t this just as important? I can wear a hat, carry a umbrella, or put on sunscreen, but how can I dodge a bicycle?

    Clearly they have to put up more signs, say every four feet or put up some of those plastic individual (two foot tall) reflection strips and create a barrier.

    I’m tired of pointing out to people were the bicycle lane is.

  • Arch Stanton

    DiebytheSword, You don’t have to dodge anything, just keep on your way and the bikes will go around you.

  • DiebytheSword


    I think you failed reading comprehension. Why should I have to move, their in the wrong lane. I don’t have eyes behind my head.

    So if I’m minding my business walking in the pedestrian lane (like I should be) and some jerk comes by like a NASCAR race, while looking at his/her smart phone or tuning out ….

    I should sprout my wings and float over them..

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    First of all, of more immediate importance than the Bike Lanes are the “wonderful” new Chinese electric motorized bikes.

    They are “pollution less”. Thus, they are very PC and in many circles it’s not really PC to be too Critical of them. Huh?

    Now for some reality: The new Chinese power bikes can go just under 40 MPH and weigh Often THREE TIMES what a conven-
    tional bike does. Guess what that will that will do to an elderly person or child..or anyone hit by one?

    Because they are electric they make little or no noise. So these is little or no natural warning that one is approaching.

    This has led to many near misses I have seen with pedestrians. I have also seen the electric bikes being run on sidewalks and the wrong way down streets DOZENS of times in many neighbor-
    hoods in several boroughs. In Bike lanes they can easily pass any conventional bike. Many have no or very small reflector or other safety equipment.

    Well…Why cant electric bikes at least be required to:

    A) have a public alert device, a small device causing a sound of
    socially acceptable but effective volume level and sound which
    would warn of this type of vehicle’s approach.

    B) why can any electric bike have a headlamp and tail light of
    specified high amount of light (lumens) and width of beam to
    effectivly warm of approach.

    C) Why can’t electric Bikes used for commercial purposes be
    registered and have license plates (well illuminated) and why
    can’t all drivers licensed and insured?

    D) To facilitate bike visability at all hours bikes should have
    colors and paint types which would be more effective at
    being visable on approach and facilitate individual identi-
    fication; For this reason all such electric vehicles should be
    required to have either Candy apple, Pearl or Metalflake
    paint jobs. Such vehicles sould also be encouraged to
    recieve Pin Stripes, Scallops or Flame enhancements
    to thier basic color identification…..