Open Thread Wednesday 6/1/11

BHB Photo Club pic by aloucha via Flickr

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  • stillhere

    Last week entering the A train station a large rat ran up the steps from the tunnel, crossed the street and ran into Cadman Park. A woman commented, “Must be late for court”.

  • Jorale-man

    @stillhere Ha, love it.

    Speaking of rats, has anyone noticed how much the trash cans in the neighborhood are spilling over onto the sidewalks? With the warm weather and the increased traffic to the promenade it seems like the city should be stepping up its collection efforts. I called 311 about it this morning and they said there would be collection today but still, it shouldn’t ever get to that point.

  • Montagueresident

    I just heard some Montague Street buildings were going to have sidewalk sales this weekend. Anybody know which ones?

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Never mind the apprently scaled back street cleaning and the in-
    creasingly relaxed proper securing of (organic) trash. Which ARE
    important public health concerns…

    The HUGE reduction of cops and TA personnel in local subway
    stations is a SEVERE public safety concern. Hey if were really under serious terrorist threat, how is it that weve just sen the most major reduction in police and other public safety personnel in the subway system in years. How many HUNDREDS of TA personnel have been let go. Now you can walk around major stations at 1 AM for HOURS and never see a cop or ANY TA workers (except
    the disinterested type in the booths) I know mr mayor, face recog-
    nition and behavior pattern recognition software in the video
    systems are going to keep us all safe…

    Sure guys…

    Before we are concerned with the (very considerable) rise in the
    highly visable rat population in the subway, we should ALL be con-
    cerned with the most considerable reduction in basic public safety
    protection in decades. But high tech and software equals good
    protection of our lives. Reallly?

    There is NO substitute for on the scene HUMAN judgement
    to prevent and failing that, deal with any public safety incident.

    THAT is what we should all be concerned with as a absolute first priority…..

  • Alana

    @stillhere your comment gave me chills as I hate rats.. now I will be on edge every time i go in and out of the A train station.

  • mlo

    re: Cadman Plaza Park has been infested with rats for many years. Some days you can see them just running around all over.

    re: overflowing trash cans – why doesn’t the city provide the larger size trash cans like the ones on Court Street. They also have a dome like lid so the trash isn’t really visible- seems liek it woul dbe helpful.

  • GHB

    Stillhere, you made my morning! Love me some rat/lawyer jokes!

  • AEB
  • David on Middagh

    Montagueresident, the yearly sidewalk sales that I know about fall in the Montague block near the Promenade. I’ve seen the sales on both sides of the street.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    These are some of the best Weekends in the Heights right this time of year.

  • Daffy Duck

    What a beautiful photo. Thank you for posting it.

  • AmyinBH

    Is there a connection between the ongoing problems with the Brooklyn bound 4/5 trains in the evening and the ongoing filming of MIB3? Seems everytime I see those signs go up around Borough Hall I am stuck on a stopped train for at least half an hour or told to transfer to the 2/3 at Fulton.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Re: AEB; did Mike ever use the name “Renfield” in his youth?
    Maybe to get medication?

  • Christi

    Yes, I think 62 Montague, the building at the end of the street is having their semi annual sale this Saturday….Had great stuff last time I went.

  • sonny

    I’m sure there have been several posts on this in the past, but we’re just beginning our search for a local pediatrician. Any recommendations? We’d like to interview a couple in order to make a decision. Thanks!

  • AL

    101 Clark St is having their huge tag sale this Saturday

  • Alanna

    Agreed on the troubles takingt he 4/5 home – last night was nuts!!! waited forever for the A train.

  • bubblyb

    sonny-I would not go to anyone in the neighborhood.

    try this place in soho,

  • toot4tink

    the 4/5 train is out of control. Last night around 6:30 was a nightmare… everyone had to get off at fulton and it was like herding sheep.. and factor in temp’s in the 80’s… needless to say I got home and took a nice shower.. hopefully the commute will be better today !

  • El

    I was headed to Union Square on Mon and actually saw a 4 train stuck halfway out the tunnel at Borough Hall with a definite smoky smell lingering. Guess it’s the R for me for a while!

  • Linda

    I always use the following when trying to find the best doctors:

    They list 62 pediatricians in a 5 mile radius of 11201.

  • AmyinBH

    Well, I jumped out of the subway at City Hall last night and walked over the bridge. It still seems odd that after I experience the 4/5 nightmares there are the MIB3 signs posted.
    This afternoon however there is a police investigation at 77th. Delays will probably continue for the rest of the night. You have been warned.

    On another happier topic. I would like to thank all the property owners who have Lilac bushes in the neighborhood. The beautiful fragrance makes me take time to “stop to smell the Lilacs”.

  • Vicki

    Sonny – the bococa_parents Yahoo group is a great resource for parents. You have to register first at

    We go to , I like Dr. Marchiando, Dr. Silverblatt is our primary physician. There is also Pytlak/Dalton/O’Connor group on Monroe Place, Tribeca Pediatrics is nearby, Dr. Philippa Gordon, Dr. Messinger/Dr. Turner on Montague, Email me at vcha88 yahoo and I can email you a summary of responses from the parents board.

  • cat

    AmyinBH, I agree, and would like to add a thank you for the rose bushes as well.

    Sonny, we love Dr. Pytlak. I’ve been told she is one of the best pediatric diagnosticians around here. Plus, she will recommend alternative txs for common illnesses before prescribing meds. But I am sure you will hear both positive & neg. reviews of the ped. practices in the area.

  • Cody


    How often do you see the signs? What do you think the connection might be? Would appreciate hearing from you at:

  • Cody

    Anyone else who thinks there may be a connection – please let me know!

  • Grace

    Can any recommend an interior designer not affiliated with a particular store for a loft ? I can’t seem to find someone who is willing to do something less than a major renovation. Thanks!


    Well, let’s all thank Rep. Velasquez for stepping up to the plate and knocking out a home run against helicopters.
    Today, June 1, she has sent a strong letter to the Mayor calling for an outright ban on tourism helicopters. Unneeded, pointless and torture instruments for thousands upon thousands of us Brooklyn residents is what they are and she explains in clear language why the only answer is to flat out prohibit them.
    Mr. Mayor, what feeble excuse for this intrusion on the peace and safety of our lives are you going to try this time? Or, are you going to come your senses??

  • weegee

    I’m an alumnus of Dr. Pytlak, and I’m still alive! Almost 25 years ago, she irrevocably turned me on to hot & sour soup as a fix for sinus/congestion problems. Between that and amoxicillin, she was the go-to person for all my strep-and-such needs.

  • PS 8 parent

    Sonny, we’ve been fans of the Pytlak/O’Connor practice for over a decade. We love Dr. O’Connor; she even had us come to her home one night after the office had closed, when we had a non-emergency-room emergency. She’s kind, very straightforward, and she addresses her young patients with respect.